Jun 7, 2008


More than 50 years of independent, Malaysians are still separated by racial lines. During independent time all three major races (Malay, Chinese and Indian) were divided by social and economic differences. But now it’s continuing with political factor. Racial politics in our nation destroyed the unity among its citizen. There are still massive gaps between races. Every Malaysian citizen must revolutionize their mentality, not Malaysian Malay, Malaysian Chinese or Malaysian Indian but it must be sole Malaysian. In order to form a nation that capable to compete with other developing nations in various sectors for example economic, technology, sports, and etc, unity is the key to excellent in the sector. BANGSA MALAYSIA concept should initializes by ruling government, not in verbal but action.

Steps I suggest to form more ideal BANGSA MALAYSIA:

  1. Abolish racial politics
  2. Remove the BANGSA in all identity cards, birth certificates and government official forms for all Malaysian citizens
  3. Stop labeling Tamil and Chinese schools; give them same status as national schools
  4. Restructure the curriculum in schools