Jan 24, 2009

We are Ready for the Next Rally if Government Failed to Respond!

If government failed to act on the Kugan's case and also all the 80 other cases that reported previously one by one, we Malaysian Indians are ready for another mass rally to show our dissatisfaction against federal government and 'Polis Raja Di Malaysia', sorry Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM). We need an independent commission of inquiry to further investigate all the cases that have been reported.

Now many groups Malaysian (including students, politicians, NGO leaders) are protesting against brutal mass killings of Palestinians by Israel. So its nothing wrong if Malaysian Indians protest against their own government which failed to stop the same brutality of police on its own citizen.

Jan 22, 2009

Malaysian Indian Deserve a Save Place to Live!

22 years old Kugan a/l Ananthan proclaimed dead after being 5 days being in police custody in a Police Station. Look at his injuries, Kugan suffered in the police station for 5 days being tortured more worst than a slave or animal. The Selangor Police Chief Claims that 22 year old Kugan die all of a sudden within due to breathing difficulties. What the hell are you talking Mr Khalid?

This is not the first case in Malaysia. As I wrote in my previous post, there are 90% of the deaths in police and prison custody victims are Indians although their population not more than 10 %. Look at the pictures and video below and you can see how blatant all of this is. What else need to prove you?

Watch this video:

Jan 21, 2009

N. Logeswaran, Prabakar, Kugan Ananthan and Many More are Victims Of 'Silent Ethnic Cleansing’

Why these kind of intimidation against Malaysian Indian? When there are any injustices against Muslims, they will all out to voice on the oppressions. Lately, I can see a lot of demonstrations to stop the war at Palestine and showing dissatisfaction against Israel, there are also effort to stop buying US and Israeli products. Dear Malay friends, so when you going to stop ‘silent ethnic cleansing’ against Malaysian Indian in own country?

When you are pressuring us and treat us like a dog, we need to accept it? If others do the same on you, what you will do? We are human too; we have feeling just like you. Why are you upholding double standards in between races in Malaysia? Be fair in own country first if you sincerely want others to be fair on Muslims in other country.

There have been large numbers of cases on police picking up innocent Indian youths as suspects. In the name of interrogation these youths are detained for several days and are subjected to unnecessary torture and then released without any charges against them. When police going to stop brutality against innocent Indian youths?

Months ago, the mother of 10-year-old boy has accused the police of torturing her son, slapping and choking him and scalding his leg while questioning him for allegedly stealing his school teacher's purse. The incident occurred August 5 after N Logeswaran was taken to a police station at Kampar near Ipoh in Perak State, even though the purse, money (containing RM 700 — roughly Rs 8,400) and other documents were not found on the boy. Police used their power during the interrogation although no prove that the boy was misbehaved.

Then after several months, A 27 year old Malaysian ethnic Indian has alleged that he was tortured by policemen. Prabakar claimed that police were extremely rude and cruel during the interrogation. He accused police used several types of methods to abuse him.


During the interrogation, police were:
  • beat him with a rubber hose
  • splashed boiling hot water on his body
  • repeatedly beaten him
  • kicked him
  • stepped-on him at least with 10 police personnel
  • uttered vulgarities
  • warned him not to show his injuries to magistrate
  • brought him to a private clinic instead government hospital
  • hung a long piece of cloth from the interrogation room ceiling and tied it around his neck while he stood on a chair. They then threatened to knock away the chair

He also accused police that involved in corruption, he said police was bribed him RM500 to not lodge report against them on the incidents. I wonder such interrogation by police reflect 'mesra, cepat dan betul' motto. Let’s see how they solve this issue!

The latest case was involving Kugan Ananthan, he was another victim of custodial deaths. Police said that they are awaiting the post-mortem report to determine if any foul play was involved in the case.

"During interrogation, the man asked for a glass of water and upon drinking the water, he collapsed and lost consciousness. A doctor from a clinic nearby who was summoned to examine the man later confirmed that he had died," :Selangor police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar

I do not believe in his words. Do you? There are 90% of the deaths in police and prison custody victims are Indians although their population not more than 10 %. So it's nothing wrong if I say 'silent ethnic cleansing' towards Malaysian Indians are realy happening. Statistic shows that police are brutal against Malaysian Indian. Our so called 'sole representative' in government (MIC leaders) are yet and failed to respond and take proper actions although these issues have been raised repeatedly.

Jan 20, 2009

We Should Continue in English!

We can’t deny the fact that English is the language of the Internet and the global communication language for practically every important aspect of interaction in this era of globalization. Just go to any established and well-known company in Malaysia and you can see for yourselves the importance of English and it being the top qualification for employment. So that, It's important the Malaysian government continue the policy on using English to teach Mathematics and Science (PPSMI).

I am particularly concerned that the government is considering changing the teaching of Mathematics and Science from English to the Bahasa Melayu or mother tongue. I always believed that the government made the right decision to change the teaching of these two subjects to English back in 2003 and we should not make a U-turn now.

Furthermore, with English, you can do research on the Internet to supplement and enhance our knowledge, much more than what you can get from books. More often than not, you will also find up-to-date information on the Internet compared to what the books contain. However, to use this important tool, you need to be well versed in English, not Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin or Tamil.

Considering the critical shortage of textbooks, journals, and other literature in other languages, teaching the two subjects in English would facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge by our students.Some parties also fear the threat of the erosion of their ethnic roots, culture and customs in this country and they believe that the way to prevent this erosion is by ensuring that schools teach important subjects in their respective mother tongues.

But is this a threat real? Let me be the first to tell you that I am a Malaysian Indian that received primary education in Chinese school. My English is not excellent when further my study to secondary school. Because of that, I had difficulties in my class. All the subjects in primary school were in Mandarin. The subject that only in English is English, there were no any action or effort to allocate extra hours to the subject. This crisis does not happen to me alone. I believe most of the students in Malaysia experienced that. Besides learning Mandarin, of course I did not fail to remember Tamil, my mother tongue.

Emphasis must be given on English, it does not mean that i am not respecting mother tongue as English is realy assisting a lot in the future of Malaysians. Therefore, I call upon all parents who love their children to all rises up and oppose the move to revert to teaching mathematics and science in Bahasa Melayu mother tongue. If you don't fight for this now, I dread to think what will happen to our future generations while the government and these ethnic based groups gamble with our student’s future.

Jan 19, 2009

RM90 Fine or Two Days Jail for Student With Serban?


Religious school student Ahmad Nasir Darus, 28, was ordered by the Kota Baru magistrate’s court to serve a two-day jail sentence after he insisted on wearing a turban instead of a crash helmet while riding his motorcycle on the grounds of his religious beliefs. Initially, I get this piece of news from here- Pelajar Pondok Dipenjara 2 Hari kerana Tidak Pakai Helmet

I always notice a lot of Muslims wear serban for Friday prayers in Mosque without wearing helmet. I highlighted this news in my blog because this is the first time I ever heard such case. I don’t know what my Muslim friends have to say about this. Then after all, are police going to fine all the Muslim friends that wear serban instead of helmet when riding motorcycle? How about the Sikhs? They are also having same chances to be fined? For me, its a violation of human religious right.

Just for thoughts…

Jan 18, 2009

People of Kuala Terengganu Sent another Clear Message to Barisan Nasional


Rakyat have spoken third time in a row, after March 8 General Election and Permatang Pauh by election and this time in Kuala Terengganu. Malaysians want change. BN itself need to reform if they desire to regain popularity among Malaysian. There are no rooms for race-based politics in Malaysia.

Even money, machinery and incumbency could not trump the call for change. BN will lose, and will in the end lose everything, until it responds fully and sincerely to the peoples demand and rejects racial policies. BN’s leadership remains in denial. Loyal members of BN feel they are on a sinking ship. They can sense that no future for BN in Malaysia anymore if they not going to reform.

Barisan Nasional lost 2/3 majority in parliament and 5 states to Pakatan Rakyat in General Election. Pak Lah promised to restructure the party and bring change to Malaysian immediately. But Permatang Pauh by election punished current administration again for the empty promises. Multiracial Permatang Pauh voters sent clear message to BN showing Malaysian regardless of race and religion pushed the racial politics and policies away and welcomed equal and balance future for coming generation.


The Malay majority Kuala Terengganu voters denied BN’s claim that the largest part Malays voters still supporting UMNO. What’s next to make BN realise? Kuala Terengganu gave them answers. BN must bring changes to the people immediately before people of Malaysia work together to change them in next General Election.