Jan 10, 2009

Malaysia Blessed with Lots of Natural Resources, Should be Better than Singapore Definitely


Malaysia is a blessed country with much natural resource like rubber, tin, petroleum, fishes and others. Why we are not utilizing them and make benefits of them for the good of society? Sometimes, I would think that why so many youngsters leave Malaysia and go abroad to work. Of course, the most attractive factor is money, living environment and safety. I know that at past our money currency was almost equivalent with Singapore. But looking at our current currency, we are much lower than Singapore, Euro, Australian and others major countries currency.


I'm not a financial expert who has the right comment and analyze on our Malaysia Ringgit performance. I notice that our Ringgit is much decrease in value. Definitely we don't need to be a financial expert to realise that our ringgit's value is decreasing terribly. Look at Singapore, they have limited space or land to develop their economy. They have no choice rather than depend to only several economic fields. At the same time, what’s wrong with Malaysia? We have everything here, but 100,000 of Malaysian working in Singapore today.

We always know how to compare with others countries, but correct me if I am wrong that the comparison made was always with poorer performance countries. I don’t really understand this. Why we don’t want to improve our nation by comparing to the developing and developed countries? We had already achieved independence more than half century years.

Hope our leaders not always feel satisfied with what we have achieved because there is still much room to improve. Learn from Singapore if we wish to become a economic powerhouse in the region.

Jan 9, 2009

BBC News Crossing Continents (Malaysia's visions of a more equal future)

From weary red-eyed Indian labourers on plantations to urban middle-class Malay Muslim women, a new generation of Malaysians is pushing to end a system of racial inequality. But can their different visions for the future be brought together?

Listen to this radio programme- BBC News Crossing Continents (Malaysia's visions of a more equal future)

Watch this video:

My Interview in BBC

A BBC reporter and a local reporter approached me last month. They need a clear example of poor Malaysian Indian. I brought them to plantation estates around Sungai Siput, Perak. The BBC UK based reporter are extremely touched when heard and witnessed himself on the sidelined Malaysian Indian. I also given my view on the marginalisation of Malaysian Indian. Read and watch the interview here: Malaysia's visions of a more equal future

Jan 8, 2009

Can We Promise a Bright Future For Our Children? Let See What We Have Achieved in 51 Years…

What we have achieved in 51 years? Malaysian is well known in the eyes of world as one of the fast developing nation. But its citizen still remains poor and need aid from various groups of authorities. New Economic Policy (NEP) has failed to achieve the target for 30% equity despite nearly 40 years of implementation. The Malays economic equity remain at 19% since 1990s.

In fact, the systems and policies failed terribly to help Malays, Chinese, Indians or others. We need new policies to save all Malaysian entirely. The picture below shows that Malaysian still in deteriorating level. Urban poor is another major problem in Malaysia.

Poor grandma with her grandchild, their house will be flooded when it’s raining

Kampong houses

Poor Malay Village

Typical Kampung houses (picture taken during the nomination day of KT by-election)

The picture below is a typical case of urban poor, look at their house condition, these three pictures taken in a house in Sentul. For further info. Read here- Urban poor

In a Malay Kampong

Condition of Indians in Malaysian Plantation Estates

Sidelined Orang Asli (Indigenous people)

We can see poverty everywhere regardless of race and religion. I wonder Vision 2020 is still achievable. We have not much things to proud of. Our economy is in deteriorating condition. Immediate plan needed to save Malaysian especially the younger generation. Gift them a save and comfortable place to live.

They are Malaysian too

Can we fulfill her dream?

We able change his fate?

Any plan to bring them along with us to join mainstream development?

Can we promise them a better future?

Can we promise them a save place to live?

Jan 7, 2009

Singaporean Cops are not Malaysian Cops

A MCA leader initially fined S$15,000 (RM36, 000) for offering a bribe to a Singaporean traffic policeman was yesterday sentenced to jail for six weeks following an appeal by the prosecution. Justice Rajah added that the jail term meted out to Lim Teck Choon, 56, took into account mitigating factors raised by his lawyer. He would otherwise have been jailed two to three months. Read here-MCA man jailed for offering bribe to Singapore cop

A traffic police officer caught Lim making an illegal U-turn on Woodlands Road and driving against the flow of traffic for 50m. While waiting for a vehicle to take Lim back to the police station, Sergeant Pah Wenxiang tried to defuse the tense situation by starting a conversation.

Lim told the police officer that he owned a few plantations in Malaysia and knew high-ranking officials. During the conversation, he abruptly asked Pah in Mandarin: “Why want to do this? Be enemy? You should let me go. We can be friends. Next time you come to Malaysia, I will take care of you. Still got good things.” He also made a gesture that the officer took as an offer of money.

When the sergeant told him it was an offence to bribe a police officer, Lim backed off on his offer. Lim initially contested the charge of offering a bribe, but pleaded guilty on the second day of trial and was fined S$15,000. He was also fined S$2,500 and banned from driving for six months for dangerous driving. Lim's lawyer asked for the sentence to start on Feb 1 so that Lim can spend time with his family for Chinese New Year. Rajah agreed and granted bail of S$30,000.

Lim, who has business interests on both sides of the Causeway, is a member of the MCA and the party's deputy chairman in the town of Kampong Jawa in Johor. A philanthropist, he regularly donates money to temples and an orphanage; in 1988, he donated a building for a school.

What a shame for Malaysian? The corrupted cops and corrupting peoples are a lot in Malaysia. But the same thing does not happen in Singapore, Singaporean are much more ethical when carrying their responsibilities. The MCA leader had a misperception against the policemen; he thought that the Singaporean have the same attitude as Malaysian. He may used to bribe Malaysian police several times and Malaysian police did not take any legal action against him. So he tried it in Singapore hope that same thing would happen thus he can runaway without face proper fine.

Funny Malaysian!