Nov 15, 2008

Unity Through Education System

Racial sentiments, riots, inequality in power sharing, fanatic personalities, discriminations against minority and I have a long list on showing unity among Malaysian in dilemma. I think the unity not suppose to be a topic to discuss after Nation’s 51 years of independent.

We Malaysian are predominantly divided by politics and education. Although there are a lot of factors we can assume as threat to our unity, but in my opinion education and politics are the most influential aspect. Before this, I have written before about politic, but this time I’m going to elaborate how education divided us and how education can bond the Malaysian as one again.

Let me start from primary education, the role of vernacular schools are undeniable, however the schools are not relevant for current and future Malaysia. As we know the gaps between races are far more worrying. We must bring one system which only with national schools. Vernacular schools abolished and the Tamil and Mandarin must made compulsory. This will make our education system become competent. All races combined in National schools striving towards one direction and vision.

Schools students won’t think about the difference of race when they still in the primary school when they mix together in one surrounding as BANGSA MALAYSIA. So the style will continue to secondary schools, Universities and so in their life. Now what’s happening in school? The majority of the students from vernacular schools continue their relation only with their friends that they have from primary schools. And even the new buddy they approach also among same race. Similar things happen in universities and even in working environments.

Since independent, we are witnessing, there are a lot of NGOs, individual and nevertheless party politics are claiming that they are championing the vernacular schools. In our nation, a lot of struggles to develop these vernacular schools and some politician even politicking this issue for their personal benefit. They have forgotten that it’s their responsibility to upgrade the schools. I think we don’t need such politicians to defend our schools, they fooling the people and the people also being cheated again and again in many occasions.

Rather than struggling for nothing and finally we lost everything. We must ready to change and to be changed. Please be brave enough to make some reformation in our nation. If we carry on with the same school system, we not only lost national unity but also our Tamil language and Tamil schools. Lets we do some calculation. Currently, Tamil school students in Malaysia is more than 110 000, the number of schools is 523. In 10 years time the number of students will increase tremendously may be around 150 000. Just calculate in 20 years time, we will have around 200 000 pupils with only 523 schools.

Our school’s condition not allows such number of students. Even now also we are facing massive problems such as lack of classrooms, basic amenities and some schools even no roof to protect the students from sun and rain. Although these upsetting situations continue to pressure Tamil schools from continuously in defending Tamil, but it doesn’t work effectively. Most of the parents want their children to study in conducive environment. And even some of the parents couldn’t send their children since the nearest Tamil school packed with students and closed for registration. Following the national school doesn’t mean minorities in Malaysia has given up their effort. Our right not under threat if we tolerate in this matter, in the other hand equal rights of receiving educational facilities guaranteed. And the most significant thing is unity and relationship among our new generation improved definitely. They educated to be liberal minded since no prejudice among all group of people. They learn a lot regarding others culture and have better understanding between each other.

Some Tamil and Mandarin pundits worrying that growth of the languages under risk if vernacular schools removed, i believe with the one National schools system, Tamil and Mandarin will grow much more promisingly. As we know there are moral classes for non-Muslim students during religious class for Malays. The moral should be replaced with Tamil and Mandarin language subjects. In the other point of view, the Tamil learning students motivated to learn Tamil when Chinese students learning Mandarin by giving full commitment. Tamil learning students definitely will take their initiative too to emulate the Chinese after witnessing their spirit to learn the language.

Back to the relationship within the ethnic, role of education is really important. So lets we together give up own agenda and change our mindset to emphasis on National agenda. There are always solutions behind each problem. Don’t use the same approach to solve the same problem again and again, it won’t works. As the result, finally we get nothing for our struggle, try to accept the fact that we need to strive together upon national agenda to get equal rights and opportunity. Please brave enough to change or to be changed!

I hope no street demonstrations, no other ISA arrests, no tears, no hurts, no politics, no discrimination, and no marginalization, nothing after this. Please think smart, think for our future Malaysia, unity we can achieve solitarily through the reform of education system.

Nov 12, 2008

Seal The Tamil Schools With A Condition (Part One)

If there are any suggestion to close down Tamil schools, I have to agree for it. But one condition please suggest making Tamil as compulsory subject for students too at the same time. Each year, one by one Tamil school have been closed despite the number of students, and some of students are not get opportunity to learn Tamil because they are not from Tamil school background. In fact, we lost our language and schools too.

What I'm trying to tell you is we must defend our language, if Tamil schools really a problem, then it should close down but with condition that Tamil made compulsory to all Tamil students. What’s the point Tamil schools struggling with a lot of problems nowadays. Gangsterism, lack of basic facilities such as classroom, toilet, field and the insufficient of students in estate and rural schools, these are the crisis faced by Tamil schools since 1957.

I love Tamil schools, personally I’m not from Tamil schools but I know the pain when one not get opportunity to start primary education in there. I don't mind the schools closed as long as the Tamil language survives. I learnt Tamil by my own. Sometimes my friends tease me that 'your thaimozhi (mother tongue) is Telugu', I reply them that you must be proud when other people learning your language and label it as their own 'Thaimozhi'. Such a low mentality of Tamils in Malaysia will destroy their own language.

Currently, most of the Tamil students not going to Tamil schools not because they don't love the Tamil language but they don't like the schools surrounding mainly because lack of basic facilities and the problems that I have stated above. If Malaysian Indian not agreeing to close down Tamil schools, then the government should allocates sufficient money and carry out proper strategies to solve the problems today. Pointing out the problem is not the solution, the majority of our Tamil schools no progression since independent and we are moving backward whereas national schools and Chinese vernacular schools are developing tremendously.

Some of the Malaysian Indian parents totally lost confident on Tamil schools. They not satisfied with the Tamil schools condition and surrounding. What they should do? They of course want their children to study in conducive environments, so they change their mind and made decision to send their children to any schools either National schools or Chinese vernacular schools and completely rejected Tamil schools. The long term effect is on our Tamil language and Tamil schools. We must ensure our language survives, so that I don’t mind if schools removed.

Let me give you an example, Singapore government made Tamil as compulsory subject to all Tamils there, they also give additional salaries to the teachers that able to teach Tamil. Tamil is one of their national languages. How about Malaysia? Any plan? No at all! Each year we know that they are some allocation from the government but where the money goes?

I only see few Tamil schools are in good conditions, don’t tell me that ‘we are started to rebrand and structuring strategies for Tamil schools’. What the hell? After few decades you have just started to look on the Tamil schools?

Close down the schools if no one care about it, but make Tamil compulsory to all Malaysian Indian students in Malaysia. Some politician fooling the Makkal (people) by politicizing the Tamil schools, do we need such politician to defend Tamil schools? They are emphasizing on their political agenda more than on Tamil language. Don’t cheat the people with empty promises! Make sure Tamil survives in Malaysia!

Nov 11, 2008


Last year, a survey of 1,824 Singaporeans' views on inter-racial ties by the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies found that 94% of Chinese polled said they would not mind an Indian as prime minister, and 91% said they would not mind Malay in the top post.

So far, as I believe no one has organized such studies in Malaysia. I think I can do my part to find out what is in Malaysian’s mind. So I’m going to start a survey. The poll that I have created is to confirm the acceptance of Non-Malay as the Malaysian Prime Minister and whether non-Malay believes that Malays will accept the motion. Few days ago our Prime Minister said that ‘anyone can be Prime Minister’. Prime minister admit that, how about Malaysian citizen especially Malays?

The selection of yours is going to determine how liberal minded you are. For non-Malays, it reflects believe on the Malays whether they will accept you to be a Prime Minister or otherwise. ‘Cast’ your vote in the poll at the sidebar of this blog. Vote as a true BANGSA MALAYSIA!

Nov 10, 2008

No Respect for the National Anthem

This video shows that the participator of an assembly attacked when singing Negara Ku. See how the forces respect our national anthem. I think the assembly not a threat to the policemen there, public or nation. Is it wrong if wait for few minutes untill they complete singing national Anthem? The policemen are not respecting the national anthem. I can see 'Negara Ku' spirit among Malaysian are lessening. Who should we blame here?

Watch it:

Nov 9, 2008

Internal Security Act, 1960... What Our Prime Ministers Said?

What our prime ministers defined ISA?

The first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman
The purpose of the act as to "be used solely against the communists, I gave a solemn promise to Parliament and the nation that the immense powers given to the government under the ISA would never be used to stifle legitimate opposition and silence lawful dissent"

The third Prime Minister, Tun Hussein Onn
Stated at the same time that his administration had enforced the act only with a view to curbing communist activity, and not to repress "lawful political opposition and democratic citizen activity"

The fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Went on the record in 1988 to state "If we want to save Malaysia and Umno, Dr Mahathir must be removed. He uses draconian laws such as the Internal Security Act to silence his critics." The year before, he had also stated "Laws such as the Internal Security Act have no place in modern Malaysia. It is a draconian and barbaric law." But in 2003 Prime Minister called the ISA "a necessary law," and argued "We have never misused the Internal Security Act. All those detained under the Internal Security Act are proven threats to society."

Initially, the stated purpose of the ISA was to defend communist activity in Malaysia during the Malayan Emergency. Since 1960 when the Act was enacted, thousands of people including trade unionists, student leaders, labour activists, political activists, religious groups, academicians, NGO activists have been arrested under the ISA. Prime Minister had personally signed the detention order that allows the leaders of HINDRAF to be detained without trial for two years.