Apr 4, 2009

Tun Dr Mahathir Encouraging Malaysian to "MENDERHAKA"

Tun Dr Mahathir encouraging Malaysian to against the king if there are anything wrong with Baginda. He admit that King always made things wrong nowadays, so no need to scared. If so, Tun Dr Mahathir is the real penderhaka!

But we rakyat Malaysia always behind King! DAULAT TUANKU! Watch video below:

Apr 3, 2009

Thank You Pak Lah!

The new chapter of Malaysia begins with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to lead the premiership starting today. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had served for 1,918 as Malaysian PM since Oct 30 2003 until yesterday. Undeniably, a lot of histories made in Malaysia during several years of his premiership.

The democracy spaces are more open under Pak Lah’s administration. Pak Lah, being the man of the people, did not do what lesser leaders might have done. He kept the space open. His promises were a little too late in coming, but he needed some time to deliver it. He failed deliver well due to UMNO leaders and Tun Dr Mahathir’s pressures. The massive critics by them very much disturbed his struggles to serve the people.

He always put nation above self. And he never wavered from trying his best to be truly a Prime Minister for all Malaysians. He was never being a racist like other UMNO leaders. He never uttered before any racist statements towards the minorities. As a politician, Pak Lah never used racial and religious issues to stoke the fires that cause disunity among the people. He was just too nice and friendly.

The high point of his political career was in the 2004 General Election when he received the great support from the Malaysian. As we know, the lowest point of his political career was March 8 General Election. The “culture of racism” which encouraged by Tun Dr Mahathir failed Pak Lah’s administration in reality. He was really unable to change the culture in a short period of time. The economic crisis and rise in global fuel prices also affected his administration much.

We enjoyed the meaning of democracy quit well during your administration. Thank you Pak Lah! We pray for you and your wife Jeanne enjoy good health and have good rests after after tired of shouldering the responsibility as a Prime Minister and the criticisms as well. It is a touching moment for Pak Lah and all over Malaysians.

We Malaysians love you Pak Lah!


Apr 2, 2009

It's a Part of Malaysian Culture?

Watch the video below, see how a political party attracting voters in an election campaign dinner. I need some clarification from my fellow Chinese friends about their culture. Dance and sing with shorts, skirt and singlet in public can be considered as your culture? Don’t you think it’s an immoral behavior of some westerns? A member of parliament said it’s your culture. What you think?

Some immoral scenes at the dinner:

Apr 1, 2009

Bukit Selambau Voters are not Fools in the April


S. Ganesan BN candidate for Bukit Selambau said that he wants to emulate President Obama’s ability to work for all races in this country. He is making fool of us on the April Fools' Day today. Ganeson came from an ethnic based party (MIC), while President Obama represented multiracial American party (Democratic Party of United States). How could he emulates Obama? First of all he must look at his party's background before releasing such statement.

Just look at the PKR’s candidate Manikumar, he is more energetic, young fresh leader. He even came from a multiracial political party which unites all Malaysians into one party. Can MIC do it? MIC only can lead and champion their own race but not all Malaysians. So far they even have failed to help Malaysian Indians after more than 52 years.

Traditionally, Malaysia Indians were very loyal to Barisan Nasional. How have MIC performed so far? Let me explain to you, the crime rate among Malaysian Indian youths, unemployment, social problems are increasing severely. While higher education chances, job opportunities in government sectors are decreasing extremely. Do you think “Mr Ganeson Obama” can change these situations? His party leaders and him were unsuccessful to improve Indian community even though people already gave them a lot of chances previously.

To ensure Malaysian Indians to come back to MIC, can he clean up the MAIKA, MIED, Sujatha case and much more scandals immediately? Can Ganesan stand up against his party's boss and correct some of his misgivings? I hope he sincerely answers to all Malaysian!

He should be able to counter my questions if really wants to emulate the President of America. His dream was relevant. But I hope he is not another immature politician who trying to exploit the popularity of Barack Obama to fool the Bukit Selambau Voters and Malaysians all together on this April Fools' Day.