Oct 27, 2010

Worst Ever Press Freedom Ranking: The Making of a Failed Nation

Malaysia failed terribly to capitalise on last year's momentum where it moved up one notch from 132 to 131. Recently 2010 World Press Freedom Index shows our nation sunk 10 rankings to 141. In fact, this is the lowest ranking in nine years that putting it firmly in the bottom quarter of 178 countries. Read here for further information: 2010 World Press Freedom Index- Lowest press freedom ranking in nine years

The poor performance of Malaysia is absolute evidence that federal government is not really opens for critics and face the upcoming challenges. A report from Malaysiakini stated that the issues which have perhaps affected Malaysia's poor ranking include the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission's investigation into Malaysiakini's cow-head video, the arrests of bloggers and the ban on a number of books by cartoonist Zunar.

The 2010 Press Freedom Index also stated that Singapore (136) outranked Malaysia for the first time since Paris-based press watchdog group Reporters Without Borders (RSF) began releasing its ranking in 2002. Meanwhile, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland share the No 1 spot. The United States remains at No 20, sitting at the bottom end of the ranking are North Korea (177) and Eritrea (178). Apart from North Korea, Asia's three communist regimes - China (171), Vietnam (165) and Laos (168) - are among the 15 lowest-ranked countries.

This is the result of reality over the past half century. Our independence online portals and opposition publications like Malaysiakini, Malaysia Insider, Malaysia Today, DAP's Rocket, Pas's Harakah and Keadilan's publication become more popular among Malaysians due to the bias approach by BN-controlled mainstream print and broadcast media, like Star, NST, Utusan, Chinese and Tamil papers, TVs and radio stations. This is why Independence portals and opposition publication frequently face pressure from the government.

Some would have compared Malaysia with Singapore and Brunei, but how things going on in their nation? They have a firm economy to rely on, quality education for their generations, solid performance in combating corruption and look at their marvellous security which guaranty a safe place for their citizen. Do the same thing happen is our nation? We are getting worst in every aspect, plunging terribly in Universities ranking, Press Freedom Index, corruptions, security, budget deficit, judiciary, sports and many more.