Aug 29, 2008

YB KULA vs DATO SAMY VELLU - Debate on Maika Holding Scandal...? I Agree!


For more than two decades, 66,000 Maika shareholders had been having a raw deal especially after the infamous RM120 million Maika Telekom shares hijacking scandal where nine of ten million Telekom shares allocated to Maika were diverted to three private companies. The MIC thuggery and gangsterism in the mismanagement of Maika Holdings to deny the rights of 66,000 Maika shareholders to claim their money. The Malaysian Indian intimidated and not given a proper answer until today.

Samy Velu along with his group of gangsters, robbed the Indian people of an enormous amount of money through Maika Holdings. Elected representative defying the law in acting in a thuggish, gangsterish and violent manner at a public venue. On May 13, 1992, MIC's Selangor Assemblyman for Seri Cahaya, S. Sivalingam, acted as a thug when he led an assault of Maika shareholders who were peacefully picketing against the Maika Telekoms hijacking scandal outside Maika headquarters. A woman, M. Pathmah was also assaulted and other victims were A. Sivanesan, K. Panjamurthi, K. Krishnan and S. Phulup Perumal. At the Maika AGM last year, MIC tried to silence YB Kulasegaran from championing the rights of the 66,000 Maika shareholders, he was assaulted at the event by a MIC's elected reps.

Samy vellu must explain to Malaysian Indian on the scandal and the promises that he made to return the shareholder's money. Its better if we have a healthy debate to settle the problem. YB Kulasegaran and the MIC President, must face to face to debate on this scandal. You may ask why YB Kula and not other Indian leaders? The reason is, he himself is a Maika Holdings shareholder, thus knows well about the whole scandal's plot. As a Malaysian Indian Member of Parliament (MP), he is capable of representing 66,000 Maika shareholders to argue with the MIC President Dato Seri S.Samy Vellu on this issue.

MIC failed terribly to Show us that they cares about Malaysian Indians. If they serious about uplifting the Malaysian Indian, get Maika Holdings cleaned up and bring to justice those who have been responsible for cheating its shareholders.


Aug 27, 2008

New Opposition Head - DSAI

Former Malaysian deputy prime minister and Finance Minister made marvelous come back to the noble house. Anwar returns after 10-year absence in parliament this time as Opposition head. In better word, I would like to call him as Prime Minister In-Waiting. Pakatan Rakyat (DAP, PAS and PKR) has appointed Anwar Ibrahim as the parliamentary opposition leader. Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia announced this morning that Anwar Ibrahim, the new member of parliament for Permatang Pauh, will be sworn in tomorrow.


Poll Results

Malaysia’s National Service (NS) after few years of implementation has brought a lot of impact whether positive or negative. In order to conduct a survey on National service (NS), I have created a poll in my blog. 87 visitors have voted on the poll entitled “SHOULD GOVERNMENT ABOLISH NATIONAL SERVICE PROGRAM?” Compare to my three previous polls (ARE WE BANGSA MALAYSIA), (Who do you think delivered well in the debate?) and (WHAT CAR SHOULD OUR STATE EXCO MEMBERS USE?), this time I get excellent feedback from my blog visitors. Most of the voters want something to happen on the National service, either to reform or to abolish. There are only small amount prefer that the program should be maintained as existed so far. From the result, we can witness that Malaysian people need a better National Service for the younger generation. With the deaths, injuries, and unwanted incidents occurred in the program, the fear on the program increased in Malaysians heart. The highest number of voters wants National Service to be reformed and the trainer should be changed. In my opinion, the three months program has failed terribly to produce better youngsters and of course schedule of program and trainers should blamed. In this case, our leaders should learn from mistakes and they can restructure with guidance of Singapore National Service. What’s wrong if we follow our neighbour country if their implementation on National Service is efficient and productive? Give up our ego and lets we learn from them on this.

Aug 26, 2008

Unity Is The Core of Success

This logo was chosen from a contest which saw some 800 entries, with the winner Anuar Dan walking away with RM10,000 for his entry. The 2008 National Day official logo designed with the theme of 51st Merdeka celebration - Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan (Unity Is The Core of Success).


Anwar's Plan Working

DSAI's dream to Putrajaya as new PM seems to become realistic. From the information that I received via SMS, DSAI has won the constituency more than expected. It's clearly shows that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) getting stronger in national political arena. This factor may confidence the BN MPs to defect over to Pakatan Rakyat. The first step of DSAI worked very well and now the time will tell us about the Sept 16, another important date in Malaysia's political history. If it's happen, we are going to witness the promises made by Anwar Ibrahim himself in his manifesto of March 8 General Election.


Congratulation to his victory!

Aug 25, 2008

P 044

Permatang Pauh voters will be deciding on who going to represent them in the parliament tomorrow. The final hours of the campaign shows a lot of "dramas". From "sodomising" each other to the swear on the name of god, of course these issues are confusing the voters to choose their candidate. However, the power is in voters hand whether to send the Opposition stalwart to the parliament after a decade of absence or vote for Arif Shah, the Seberang Jaya current assemblyman.

Big spending BN hoping to get good feedback from the voters tomorrow. Money and groceries pours in Permatang Pauh and the voters definitely the "King Makers". Arif Shah, the BN candidate for Permatang Pauh by-election vary confident of his victory. With less than day to go before Permatang Pauh voters cast their vote, the BN candidate has a bold prediction that he can win with the majority of 500 to 5 000 votes. In the other side, with 10 days of campaign, Anwar satisfied with the support of the Permatang Pauh folks. He stated that he will win tomorrow and the victory will be the first step to the Putrajaya as future PM.

Special holiday declared by Penang government to ensure maximum voters turnout for the crucial by-election. The election actually not supposed to held on Tuesday (working day). I wonder may be there are other reasons forced Election Commission (EC) to set such date. Who knows?

Anwar is the favourite candidate to win easily in the Permatang Pauh, he held the constituency from 1982 untill convicted to corruption. Permatang Pauh voters deciding on Anwar's fate tomorrow. Hope the candidates use clean tactics in the final hours of campaign. In my early prediction, I think Anwar will retain the constituency with the majority around 25 000 votes.

Aug 24, 2008

Malaysian's Achievement In 2008 Beijing Olympics

Thirty three athletes represented the country in nine disciplines- archery, badminton, cycling, aquatics, sailing, shooting, track and field, taekwondo and weightlifting. Malaysia wrapped up their Beijing Olympic Games outing with one silver medal from shuttler Lee Chong Wei and several national records broken in cycling, archery, weightlifting and swimming. Malaysia first took part in the Olympics in 1956 in Melbourne and have taken part in every Games since then except for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Following are the achievements of Malaysian athlete:


  • Men's singles: Lee Chong Wei is the first Malaysian to qualify for the final and was beaten by Lin Dan of China 21-12, 21-8.

National records:

  • Men's Team: Trio Cheng Chu Sian, Muhd Marbawi Sulaiman and Wan Khalmizam Abd Aziz made history by qualifying for the men's quarterfinals, and ranked as third seeds, but was beaten by 218-213 by eventual silver medalist, Italy. The team set a national record of 1,993 and Wan Khalmizam set national record of 674 for 72 arrows, both during the qualifying round.

  • Team: Trio of Azizulhasni Awang, Josiah Ng and Rizal Tisin was seventh fastest in the qualifying round in national record of 44.725s

  • Hasli Izwan Amir Hasan finished 15th out of 18 with score of 564 (national record 581)

  • Daniel Bego placed 54th in 100m butterfly in 54.38s (national record 54.33s); 44th in 200m freestyle in national record of 1:50.92; 37th in 200m butterfly 2:01.28s (national record 1:59.40s).
  • Leung Chii Lin placed 48th in 50m freestyle in 26.75s (national record 26.18s).
  • Khoo Chai Lin placed 38th in 400m freestyle in 4:23.37s (national record 4:17.86s); 34th in 800m freestyle in 9:04.86s (national record 8:47.80s).
  • Siow Yi Ting placed 19th in 200m breastroke in national record of 2:27.80s; 29th in 200m individual medley in 2:17.11 (national record 2:16.92s).
  • Lew Yih Wey placed 34th in 400m individual medley in 4:55.83s (national record 4:50.52s).
  • Amirul Hamizam Ibrahim placed 8th in 56kg category with a national record of 265kg.
Congratulation to the achievers. Hope we bring more medals in the next Olympic.