Apr 10, 2009

Tata Nano: The World’s Cheapest Car @ The People's Car

The Tata Nano is a rear-engined, four-passenger city car built by Tata Motors, aimed primarily at the Indian market. It was first presented at the 9th annual Auto Expo on 10 January 2008, at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India. Tata Motors commercially launched Nano on March 23, 2009, with bookings from April 9 to April 25.

The world's cheapest car goes on sale in India today, with a starting price of Rs 1,15,000 (rupees), (about RM7,200. The ambitious Nano car has already in the Guinness book as the world's cheapest car.

In early 2008 the news magazine Newsweek identified the Nano as a part of a "new breed of 21st-century cars" that embody "a contrarian philosophy of smaller, lighter, cheaper" and portend a new era in inexpensive personal transportation — and potentially, "global gridlock". The Wall Street Journal confirmed a global trend toward small cars, which includes the Nano.

"Nano" means "small" in Gujarati, the language of the founders of the Tata Group. In English, the prefix "nano-" is often used to mean small. This derives from the Greek root 'nanos', meaning dwarf. For more info, please click- http://www.nanocar.com/

We Malaysian should welcome this car to face crucial moments of world economic crisis.


Apr 9, 2009

April 7: Another Date to Remember

Rakyat have spoken fourth time in a row, after March 8 General Election, Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu by-elections and this time in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau. Malaysians want changes. BN itself need to reform if they desire to regain popularity among Malaysian. There are no rooms for race-based politics in Malaysia. Thousand of promises are yet to be fulfilled, people feel cheated by BN's administration after tired of waiting for decades.


Money and machinery definitely can’t buy the voters. BN will lose, and will in the end lose everything, until it responds fully and sincerely to the peoples demand and rejects racial policies. BN’s leadership remains in denial. Loyal members of BN feel they are on a sinking ship. They can sense that no future for BN in Malaysia anymore if they not going to reform. The presence of Mahathir even can’t change BN’s fate. It’s another prove that BN’s massive defeat in the next General Election are unavoidable.



Barisan Nasional lost 2/3 majority in parliament and 5 states to Pakatan Rakyat in General Election. Multiracial Bukit Selambau voters sent another clear message to Najib showing that Malaysians are not happy with his premiership too since Pak Lah also failed to deliver previously. BN must bring changes to the people immediately before people of Malaysia work together to change them in next General Election. Malaysian regardless of race and religion pushed the racial politics and policies away and welcomed equal and balance future for coming generation.


Pakatan Rakyat is now widening the score to 4-1 lead over Barisan Nasional. I wonder whether they are BN still can be the last minute winner of the struggles if there are more by-elections in near future.

Apr 8, 2009

YB Manikumar, Please Fulfill Your Promises!

During the 10 days campaigning period, both of the main contestant BN and PR promised much to the people of Bukit Selambau. People were voted for YB Manikumar of PKR believing that he can do something for locals. The voters seems like put their trust and hope towards Pakatan Rakyat after tired of waiting the promises made by Barisan Nasional for more than 50 years.

Pakatan Rakyat must not continue the trend of Barisan Nasional. The people certainly don’t want to be cheated again. They are hunger of changes. Basic amenities such as water supply, electricity, land, low cost houses, schools, are still the demand of the voters.

So, YB Manikumar must respect and pay back the believes that given by the Kedahan. He must show his ability although he is a young, fresh and inexperience leader. He must tackle all the negative allegations against him before election by fulfilling the promises that he has made during the 10 days campaigning period.

The below was the promises made by YB Manikumar to his voters during the campaign:

Apr 7, 2009

Triple By-Elections, My Early Predictions….

N25 Bukit Selambau:

Indians vote will slightly lean towards Barisan Nasional, Chinese remain as the same and Malays vote seems like swinging to Pakatan Rakyat. With the political ploy by new PM to release 2 out of 5 HINDRAF leaders it’s going to small effect to the Indians vote. Tuk Guru Nik Aziz’s turnout in Bukit Selambau very much attracted all Bukit Selambau voters generally.

So Pakatan Rakyat going to win 3000 votes to 4000 votes majority in Bukit Selambau.

P59 Bukit Gantang

Malays are “kingmaker” in this constituency. But non-Malays still the decider since Malays vote in this area always 50-50. With the sympathies created by PAS candidate Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin using the “back door government” issues of Barisan Nasional, the hopes for Pakatan Rakyat are very much bright. Non-Malay voters were swung towards Pakatan Rakyat in the march 8 GE and I’m sure that they are still behind the Pakatan Rakyat. Nizar have thousands of strong reason to woo the voters to vote for him, while BN hungry for the issue in Bukit Gantang election campaign.

It’s going to be easy win for Pakatan Rakyat with the majority of 5000 to 7000 votes.

N29 Batang Ai

The toughest fight among the tri-elections is here. BN and PR realise that both of them have almost equal opportunity to win the seat, they pushed hard to wrestle the seat during the 10 days campaigning period. More than 90% voters of Batang Ai are Ibans. Barisan Nasional has the advantages of exploiting media to retain the seat. Ibans access the information through traditional media such as RTM1, RTM2 and Radio Sarawak. So no ways for blogs and Pakatan Rakyat news reach the voters directly.

Barisan Nasional still has the capability to win the seat despite the tough fight given by Pakatan Rakyat. In Batang Ai, BN going to win around 500 votes.

Apr 6, 2009

MIC's Culture of Gangterism

Police forced to control the MIC supporters in Bukit Selambau. They were too wild and interrupting the campaign of other party by jeering, booing and even calling names at the leaders. Is it the spirit of democracy that they have learnt so far? The MIC members there were guilty of the mistakes and evil that their leaders have done to Malaysians Indian community until today. They actually can’t stand because truth news of misbehaviors of MIC leaders will reach the community, so they made decision to provoke the leaders and supporters of opponent to fight.

Watch this video: