Sep 6, 2008

From 831 to 916

Our national day is 31st August, but Malaysia Day is on Sept 16. I wonder why is this 31st August more important than 16 September? Isn’t 16 September the actual date when Malaysia is born? 31st August is just the independence of peninsula, known as Persekutuan Tanah Melayu or Federation of Malaya. During that time, only Malaya or peninsular is under the name of a nation, but then with the joint of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak, Tunku able to form a nation that today we called Malaysia.

Now, we are giving enphasis on Aug 31, so how about Sabah and Sarawak? They have not yet achieve our independence that time. They were still under the British until the late Tunku Abdul Rahman suggested Malaysia on Sept 16.

Everyone seems to forget that 16 September. I think this date is a much more important date than 31 August. Lets we celebrate Malaysia day with our brothers and sisters from Sabah and Sarawak!

Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Speech on Malaysia Day 16th September 1963

THE great day we have long awaited has come at last -- the birth of Malaysia. In a warm spirit or joy and hope 10 million people of many races in all the States of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah now join hands in freedom and unity.

We do so because we know that we have come together through our own free will and desire in the true spirit of brotherhood and love of freedom. We have made our decision after much care and thought, finally arriving at mutual consent by debate and discussion, inquiries and elections held over 2½ years. We can feel proud indeed of the way we have created Malaysia through friendly argument and compromise. The spirit of co-operation and concord is living proof of the
desire we share for a common destiny. What better basis for Malaysia can there be, what finer augury for the future? The road to nationhood has not been an easy journey. Surprises and disappointments, tension and crisis, have marred the way.

The peoples of Malaysia, however, have endured all trials and tribulations with confidence and patience, calmness and forbearance, with faith in our final goal -- Malaysia. In the first eighteen months of political and constitutional discussions, beginning from May 1961, things went ahead favourably, because the ideal of Malaysia caught the imagination of all the peoples concerned. We can all recall the remarkable enthusiasm and interest aroused then in the evolution of Malaysia. Step by step the concept came to life. The activities of the Malaysia Solidarity Consultative Committee, the merger talks between the Federation of Malaya and Singapore, the broad agreement reached in London to establish Malaysia, the appointment of the Cobbold Commission and its exhaustive inquiries in the Borneo Territories, and the subsequent establishment of the Inter-Governmental Committee -- all these steps were taken in internal harmony and in full public view. Suddenly towards the end of 1962 the situation changed. Communist China committed unjustifiable aggression against India. I stood up for democracy and condemned China's attack.

One immediate reaction was that Communists throughout South-east Asia retaliated by an indirect assault upon me by opposing my idea of Malaysia, and they set about creating every possible difficulty to baulk Malaysia. Other external complications occurred -- the Philippines' claim to North Borneo, the sudden and abortive revolt in Brunei, and the startling adoption by Indonesia of a policy of confrontation against Malaya. All these events projected an international crisis in South-east Asia this year, the climax coming in June. The successful meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Malaya, Indonesia and the Philippines, followed by my own conference with President Soekarno in Tokyo eased tension considerably and brought new hopes for harmony and peace. Prospects for a Summit Conference were good, confrontation from Indonesia subsided, so we went ahead with arrangements for the final talks in London on Malaysia.

The Malaysia Agreement was duly signed in early July. Unexpectedly Indonesia reacted most strongly, renewing its policy of confrontation with the result that the Summit conference of leaders of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines at the end of July began in an atmosphere of doubt. The Summit conference ended in an agreement by the three countries to form an Association of States of Malay origin to be known as Maphilindo. It was agreed that in order that the partners in Maphilindo could welcome Malaysia the United Nations Secretary-General should be asked to ascertain anew the wishes of the peoples of Sarawak and Sabah. That request has not been implemented. Now finally the peoples of Malaysia are celebrating the establishment of Malaysia. This is the time to think earnestly and hopefully on the future of Malaysia as the whole country resounds with joy. So I pray that God may bless the nation of Malaysia with eternal peace and happiness for our people.

Into History
The Federation of Malaya now passes into history. Let us always remember that the Malayan Nation was formed after many difficulties during a long period of national Emergency, yet its multi-racial society emerged, endured and survived as a successful and progressive nation, a true democracy and an example to the world of harmony and tolerance. As it was with Malaya, so it can be with Malaysia. With trust in Almighty God, unity of purpose and faith in ourselves, we can make Malaysia a land of prosperity and peace. In doing so let every Malaysian in all the States of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah ensure that our Malaysia is truly worthy of the aims and hopes we have shared, the trials and stress, we have endured, in working together to achieve our common destiny.


Source: National Archives, Singapore

Sep 4, 2008

Malaysian Ethnic Indian Dilemma

The spate of violent crimes involving Malaysian Indian youths seems to be continuing since there are no proper implementation to stop them. About 63% of detainees under the emergency ordinance and 14% of detained juveniles are Malaysian Indians, which are the members of a minority community. Its clerly shows that our community is in “social crisis”. The latest case involving youths - shot dead of four Mamak gang members on Sept 1 2008.

Feeling marginalised and generally trapped in poverty, Malaysian Indian are lack of a caring and sharing from the Government. Feeling ostracise in all sectors - schools, institutions, enforcement agencies, government and corporate, they tend to seek a defence mechanism to overcome their woes and challenges. They organise themselves into groups or gangs provided youths for a sense of belonging. Some of the groups had developed links with forces of power and money which appear to be promoting and protecting them, even students in secondary schools are being influenced. The problems linked with poverty, after all gangsterism increases when those with power and money exploit the situation. I believed these problems are simple to solve if nation's politics was transformed beyond race and when after we started to think that its a national problem.

As a result of the developments in Malaysia, Malaysian Indian pushed from rural to urban poverty, from living in an estates to squatter areas. There are rapid urbanisation was putting pressure on them who lived in rubber estates. Most of the Malaysian Indians were forced to migrate to towns after the plantations they worked in were bought for development projects. Since lacked education and skills, they ended up in slum areas. Some children drop out of school, having to fend for families with inadequate incomes, and this provides a conducive climate for criminals to recruit young members.

Some institutions of the Government and the mainstream media are contributing to the creation of the 'problematic community' image. The Government has to seriously look at socio-economic inequalities beyond race. The low status and marginalisation of the community today is a result of vast problems. Tamil schools and education, for instance, as a national objective can begin the process of long-term resolution of the problems, including that of gangsterism. I sincerely believe that only education could save the children remedial and enrichment programmes should carried out soon. Besides that, the quality of living has to be improved, and infrastructure upgraded, including better housing, sanitation, roads, drainage, piped water and electricity.

Media reports of high crime statistics involving Malaysian Indians were out annually with such a high number of crime involving youths, but I wonder why there are hardly any serious discussion on the problem.

Sep 3, 2008

YB Kulasegaran : WE ARE READY

Good response from YB Kula. He shows his professionalism as an Malaysian Indian leader. I still haven't get any response from MIC's side, if Dato Samy Vellu refuse to debate, he should have been proposed other MIC's reps, for example SK Devamany, M Saravanan, Subarmaniam, or others who realy qualified to represent him. Anyway, I will wait for the news from Agenda Daily about MIC's feedback for this invitation. A letter sent to Agenda Daily, YB Kula has agreed to argue on this scandal with Dato Samy vellu.

Letter to Agenda Daily by YB Kula's Secretary (


Agenda Daily
Kuala Lumpur


Dengan segala hormatnya merujuk kepada perkara diatas

Walaupun menunggu beberapa tahun namun tidak ada mana-mana pihak yang berani tampil kehadapan untuk memberi keterangan yang terperinci mengenai ‘APA YANG TERJADI KEPADA DUIT MAIKA HOLDINGS?’

Lebih-lebih lagi semua pelabur-pelabur ingin mengetahui kecacatan yang telah berlaku dalam segala urusan wang MAIKA dan juga dalam sistem pentadbirannya secara keseluruhan. Kenapakah sehingga hari ini DATO SERI S.SAMY VELLU masih membisukan dirinya dalam perkara ini? Apakah yang menyebabkan beliau berkelakuan sebegitu sedangkan beliau sendiri adalah pengasas MAIKA Holdings dimana pada peringkat awalnya beliau berteriak untuk membawa satu kemajuan ekonomi bagi kaum India.

Jika SAMY VELLU masih sayang pada kaum sendiri maka beliau harus bongkarkan apa yang terjadi sebenarnya pada duit MAIKA holdings kepada kesemua pelabur-pelaburnya tanpa apa-apa keraguan.

Isu MAIKA adalah satu-satunya perkara yang sangat penting dan ianya tidak seharus dipandang ringan dengan begitu sahaja. Satu mandat harus diberikan kepada isu ini demi kepentingan kaum india khususnya 66,000 pelabur yang melabur wang di MAIKA Holdings.

Jika Pengasas MAIKA Holdings ini masih mempunyai nilai-nilai kepunyaan yang begitu tinggi pada kaum India maka M.Kula Segaran sebagai Ahli Parlimen dan juga sebagai pelindung hak kaum India, dengan ini bersedia, bersetuju dan juga berani untuk berhadapan dengan DATO SERI S.SAMY VELLU di mana-mana pentas untuk berdebat isu berkaitan MAIKA Holdings bagi menegakkan kebenaran dan keadilan kepada 66,000 pelaburnya.

Sekian Dimaklumkan

"Berkhidmat Untuk Rakyat"

Hormat Takzim

Setiausaha Politik
YB M.Kula Segaran
Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Barat

Bimbit : 017-2000241
Pejabat : 05-2417402

Remembering Kampung Medan Incident (March 2001)

“I was riding along Taman Lindungan Jaya. My friend Murugan was pillion riding... Suddenly a large group of Malay youths chased us. They attacked Murugan. He fell down and tried to run away from the mob. A large parang was thrown at me. This unbalanced me and I fell down. I was surrounded by the angry youngsters. Someone then hit my leg. I screamed in pain. Then the 50-odd youngsters started attacking me...”.

(A victim’s narration of events in Kampung Medan on March 8, 2001.)

The incident:

It has been more than seven years since the Indian squatters in the Petaling Jaya Selatan area came under bloody attacks in an incident which bore the hallmarks of the May 13, 1969 race riots. Clashes between Malays and Indians in this area, which lasted for several days, resulted in six being killed - four local Indians, one Indonesian and one Indian national. At the same time, almost 200 others, almost all Indians suffered severe slash wounds.

It was quite evident that the victims of the incident were the Indian squatters in the area - which boasted close to 20 squatter settlements, including Kampung Medan. It is estimated that about 10,000 people live in the Petaling Jaya Selatan community, which the squatter areas are part of. In the aftermath, an analysis of the situation was quite worrying.

Happy Birthday To Lord Ganesha!

Ganesha Chaturthi or Ganesha Festival is a day on which Lord Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is believed to bestow his presence on earth for all his devotees. It is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chavithi in Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, Chavath in Konkani and as Chathaa in Nepal Bhasa. It is celebrated as it is the birthday of Lord Ganesha. The festival is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Bhaadrapada, starting on the shukla chaturthi (fourth day of the waxing moon period). Typically, the day falls sometime between August 20 and September 15. The festival lasts for 10 days, ending on Ananta Chaturdashi. This festival is observed in the lunar month of bhadrapada shukla paksha chathurthi madhyahana vyapini purvaviddha. if chaturthi prevails on both days, the first day should be taken. Even if chaturthi prevails for complete duration of madhyahana on the second day, but if it prevails on previous day's madhyahana period even for one ghatika (24 minutes) the previous day should be taken.

(Ref. Dharmasindhu and Indian Calendric System, by Commodore S.K. Chatterjee (Retd). Madhyahana is the 3rd / 5th part of the day (Sunrise-sunset).

Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati, is widely worshipped as the supreme god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.

Sep 2, 2008

Reply From AGENDA DAILY On Maika Scandal Debate

My plan is working very well. I get the reply from AGENDA DAILY's author after i sent a mail suggesting on this debate. In their reply, they stated that will invite YB Kulasegaran and Dato S Samy Vellu for this purpose, but whether the debate will become reality or not depend on them. Agenda Daily previously has organised two debates on two different topics, the first was between Oppostion stalwart Anwar Ibrahim and Information Minister Shabery Cheek on the fule price hike and the second was between current Penang Chief Minister Lim Guen Eng and former Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon on the Penang land issue. We together hope that debate on Maika Holdings Scandal will become reality very soon.

The mail that i received from agenda daily:

Re: YB KULASEGARAN vs DATO SERI S.SAMY VELLU - Debate on Maika Holding Scandal..
agenda daily
Monday, September 1,2008 8:45:17PM

To:vasantarao appalasamy

terima kasih atas pandangan saudara itu.apapun sesuatu penganjuran debat itu bergantung kepada persetujuan kedua-dua pihak berkenaan.kami akan menghubungi mereka untuk tujuan berkenaan.- pengarang.


On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 1:50 PM, vasantarao appalasamy <> wrote:
For more than two decades, 66,000 Maika shareholders had been having a raw deal especially after the infamous RM120 million Maika Telekom shares hijacking scandal where nine of ten million Telekom shares allocated to Maika were diverted to three private companies. The MIC thuggery and gangsterism in the mismanagement of Maika Holdings to deny the rights of 66,000 Maika shareholders to claim their money. The Malaysian Indian intimidated and not given a proper answer until today .

Samy Velu along with his group of gangsters, robbed the Indian people of an enormous amount of money through Maika Holdings. Elected representative defying the law in acting in a thuggish, gangsterish and violent manner at a public venue. On May 13, 1992, MIC's Selangor Assemblyman for Seri Cahaya, S. Sivalingam, acted as a thug when he led an assault of Maika shareholders who were peacefully picketing against the Maika Telekoms hijacking scandal outside Maika headquarters. A woman, M. Pathmah was also assaulted and other victims were A. Sivanesan, K. Panjamurthi, K. Krishnan and S. Phulup Perumal. At the Maika AGM last year, MIC tried to silence YB Kulasegaran from championing the rights of the 66,000 Maika shareholders, he was assaulted at the event by a MIC's elected reps.

Samy vellu must explain to Malaysian Indian on the scandal and the promises that he made to return the shareholder's money. Its better if we have a healthy debate to settle the problem. YB Kulasegaran and the MIC President, must face to face to debate on this scandal. You may ask why YB Kula and not other Indian leaders? The reason is, he himself is a Maika Holdings shareholder, thus knows well about the whole scandal's plot. As a Malaysian Indian Member of Parliament (MP), he is capable of representing 66,000 Maika shareholders to argue with the MIC President Dato Seri S.Samy Vellu on this issue.

Please consider on this debate, I sincerely hope that it will become reality very soon. Either Samy vellu or other MIC leaders such as, SK Devamany, M.Saravanan, Murugaiah or Subaramaniam must come forward to explain about the Maika Scandal, that's the dream of 66,000 shareholders.

Sep 1, 2008

To All Muslim Friends, Have a Blessed Ramadan!

I wish all Muslim friends to have a blessed fasting month.

I believe in the fundamental truth of all great religions of the world.

Aug 31, 2008

BANGSA MALAYSIA : No Merdeka Until Unity Become Reality!


Today, Aug 31 2008, we are celebrating 51st National Independence Day. I wonder how we able to celebrate grandly without unity within ourselves since racism haunts us very much. More than half century of Independence, most of us feel meaningless to celebrate it. Over the 50 years, We Malay, Chinese and Indian have shed our blood, tear and sweat to build up this nation. We have sacrifice a lot for the cause of unity, integrity and progress. Why until today no success for these struggles? Who to blame?

I ask these questions not to belittle our achievements, but to inspire us to greater effort. I ask not to make us feel dispirited, but to enthuse us to march forward to achieve the unity through Bangsa Malaysia concept. Today, when we look back, we can say with dissatisfaction that we are blindly moving forward in the wrong direction. We have been slow in taking some steps, especially when unity is the matter. We have failed to battle against racism especially when position, economic, education, sports and other main fields are the subjects.

Every citizen must recognise that we are Malaysians. We must fritter away our time on minor issues and pointless personal dissimilarities. I urge all political parties, and NGO leaders to stop divide people along racial lines and threat every citizen fairly without discrimination or intimidation. Our strength is in our unity, despite our diversity. We can’t deny the fact that, unity gave us our Independence that today we are enjoying and the strength of a nation that we can be proud of.

Every citizen of Malaysia must feel proud to say - I am Malaysian! Anyhow, as a true Malaysian, I have to wish every citizen Happy 51st National Day. I’m confident that we can build up unity from today. Can we start it from this noble day?