Sep 2, 2008

Reply From AGENDA DAILY On Maika Scandal Debate

My plan is working very well. I get the reply from AGENDA DAILY's author after i sent a mail suggesting on this debate. In their reply, they stated that will invite YB Kulasegaran and Dato S Samy Vellu for this purpose, but whether the debate will become reality or not depend on them. Agenda Daily previously has organised two debates on two different topics, the first was between Oppostion stalwart Anwar Ibrahim and Information Minister Shabery Cheek on the fule price hike and the second was between current Penang Chief Minister Lim Guen Eng and former Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon on the Penang land issue. We together hope that debate on Maika Holdings Scandal will become reality very soon.

The mail that i received from agenda daily:

Re: YB KULASEGARAN vs DATO SERI S.SAMY VELLU - Debate on Maika Holding Scandal..
agenda daily
Monday, September 1,2008 8:45:17PM

To:vasantarao appalasamy

terima kasih atas pandangan saudara itu.apapun sesuatu penganjuran debat itu bergantung kepada persetujuan kedua-dua pihak berkenaan.kami akan menghubungi mereka untuk tujuan berkenaan.- pengarang.


On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 1:50 PM, vasantarao appalasamy <> wrote:
For more than two decades, 66,000 Maika shareholders had been having a raw deal especially after the infamous RM120 million Maika Telekom shares hijacking scandal where nine of ten million Telekom shares allocated to Maika were diverted to three private companies. The MIC thuggery and gangsterism in the mismanagement of Maika Holdings to deny the rights of 66,000 Maika shareholders to claim their money. The Malaysian Indian intimidated and not given a proper answer until today .

Samy Velu along with his group of gangsters, robbed the Indian people of an enormous amount of money through Maika Holdings. Elected representative defying the law in acting in a thuggish, gangsterish and violent manner at a public venue. On May 13, 1992, MIC's Selangor Assemblyman for Seri Cahaya, S. Sivalingam, acted as a thug when he led an assault of Maika shareholders who were peacefully picketing against the Maika Telekoms hijacking scandal outside Maika headquarters. A woman, M. Pathmah was also assaulted and other victims were A. Sivanesan, K. Panjamurthi, K. Krishnan and S. Phulup Perumal. At the Maika AGM last year, MIC tried to silence YB Kulasegaran from championing the rights of the 66,000 Maika shareholders, he was assaulted at the event by a MIC's elected reps.

Samy vellu must explain to Malaysian Indian on the scandal and the promises that he made to return the shareholder's money. Its better if we have a healthy debate to settle the problem. YB Kulasegaran and the MIC President, must face to face to debate on this scandal. You may ask why YB Kula and not other Indian leaders? The reason is, he himself is a Maika Holdings shareholder, thus knows well about the whole scandal's plot. As a Malaysian Indian Member of Parliament (MP), he is capable of representing 66,000 Maika shareholders to argue with the MIC President Dato Seri S.Samy Vellu on this issue.

Please consider on this debate, I sincerely hope that it will become reality very soon. Either Samy vellu or other MIC leaders such as, SK Devamany, M.Saravanan, Murugaiah or Subaramaniam must come forward to explain about the Maika Scandal, that's the dream of 66,000 shareholders.


-naga- said...

Now that's what I call hot! Keep us posted. Cheers

Malar Arasi said...

good job vasan... hope both agree for the debate. Good Luck in ur (no no in our indian) mission :)

suman said...

I agree-
Either Samy vellu or other MIC leaders such as, SK Devamany, M.Saravanan, Murugaiah or Subaramaniam must come forward to explain about the Maika Scandal

Durai said...

You're really making things happen bro. Some very big progress I call this. Good luck bro and let me know if there is anything I could do to help :D

vasantarao appalasamy said...

@ naga - thanks bro!

@malar arasi - i dono wat u mean malar..

@suman - yes correct, if samy unable to dabate, he mus sen anyother to represent him..

@Durai - thank for ur support bro.. keep in touch

Vasan the Pot Eh said...

anyway.. who goin to ask the Hindraf's account ? the man enjoying euro trip there.. screwing there and here.. wondering who gonna reveal the HINDRAF's scandal... oh yea.. u wont admit it.. coz u r bz digging out MIC's scandal...