Jul 23, 2009

Malaysia for all Malaysians!

Malaysia is not a country for just one group of people. We experience the richness of the mixed cultures through friendships, food and fashion throughout your day. No one community should be made to feel unwelcome in a country of their own. In taking ownership of Malaysia, minorities have an equal responsibility to shape and craft a nation that all our children and grandchildren will be proud to take over.

Together with their neighbours in the majority community, they must play an important participatory role in contributing to the country’s welfare as a whole. As concerned citizens, if minorities express displeasure at weaknesses in Malaysia it is only because they want the country to improve.

Muslim or non-Muslim, we all belong to the same country. It is time that we remove the old shackles of debates along racial and religious lines. It is time that we recognise minority groups as equal Malaysians. It is time to realise that each person is himself endowed with special rights.

Malaysians must continuously improve themselves and be ready to fight off attempts to threaten the unity and prosperity. We must hold true to the concept of justice and fairness for all citizens. Malaysians still much to contribute although the country now more than 50 years old. The nation’s independence and rapid development were a joint effort by Malaysians of different races and at all levels.Government should always stick to the power-sharing concept to ensure all community are well-treated.

Malaysia is belongs to all Malaysians despite the diversity of religious and ethnic background.

Jul 22, 2009

Voice Of Real Malaysian

Jul 20, 2009

I'm not a racist! My support always for BANGSA MALAYSIA.....

MIC formed in 1946, next PPP formed in 1953 followed by IPF, MIUP, Mindraf and MMSP, and finally HINDRAF reemerge as HRP (Human Rights Party).

1.8 million (Almost 7%) of total population divide by several Indian ethnic based parties which is totally illogic, these groups of politicians clearly reflecting that Malaysian Indians are racist. Initially, I supported Uthayakumar and HINDRAF just because it’s apolitical and Uthayakumar was an activist. Malaysian Indian is now deployed by Uthayakumar for his own political ideologies and agendas since he turned himself to be a politician since long time being an activist.

I was a HINDRAF activist too. 14 days inside Kajang prison was a great test of my struggle. Read Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), Hindraf 31: Tuduhan cubaan membunuh digugurkan, A-G drops attempted murder charges on Hindraf 31, Malaysia's visions of a more equal future and Attempted murder charges dropped against Hindraf 31 (updated). Although couldn’t contribute much in the struggle of Malaysian Indian’s betterment as other movement leaders, but I think I have done my part. Now I realise that no use for HINDRAF continue to push a mono-ethnic agenda of championing Indian rights only. In fact, HINDRAF was unable to adjust to the new paradigm of the BANGSA MALAYSIA concept.

Let me tell you the truth that our friends from other ethnic group such as Malays and Chinese were also supported HINDRAF. But now the believe on HINDRAF fast-declining from day today. HINDRAF failed terribly to break out of the racial splits set up since Independence. It’s still moving away from this system by fighting for issues irrespective of race. Even before I would get angry if anyone call HINDRAF as 'racist', but now myself force to tell the truth.

As a pressure group, HINDRAF could deliver what a party politic couldn’t deliver, they can straddle both sides of the political divide. But now you see no one going to respect their struggle since already involve in politics directly. Uthaya claiming that he ables to capture 15 parliamentary seats with his new party, lets him prove it. But I would say its impossible!

The time when HINDRAF can mobilize thousands of Indians to the streets are over. HINDRAF has lost its popularity among Malaysian Indian, they never tried to find new ways to tackle issues instead of resorting to hard approaches. I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable with HINDRAF since long time ago, but just waited for the suitable to release this statement.

I don’t want my friends call me ‘racist’ and that's the reason why I wrote this. I want to be a real BANGSA MALAYSIA! With the formation of the latest political group- Human Rights Party (HRP) yesterday, Malaysia becoming sick with racial based struggles. I will never join such ethnic based NGOs, organisation or party politics, I have my own struggle, thats for sure pro-BANGSA MALAYSIA!