Nov 25, 2010

HINDRAF 3rd anniversary: Lack of patriotism, leadership crisis, misuse of funds, empty promises, and racial politics


Lack of Patriotism

Three year after HINDRAF march, the things have not changed much. HINDRAF seems like lack of patriotism. While Malaysian Indians have their own nationality and Malaysia as their beloved nation, they decided to seek help from the Indian government itself urging the Indian government to provide places of study and scholarships to Malaysian Indian students. For me, this was an irrational act by HINDRAF which brought bad impression. Furthermore, it’s indirectly making other races question about our loyalty to the nation. Any problem we can settle it inside our nation. In fact, HINDRAF is making the situation much worst.

HINDRAF betrayed Malaysian Indians

It’s a fact that Malaysian Indians awakened from the HINDRAF factor because of its previous apolitical approach in fighting for the ethnic rights. But now since HINDRAF formed Human Rights Party, people feel betrayed by Uthayakumar. Many of Malaysian Indians trusted Uthaya’s leadership and HINDRAF leadership very much before he turned as a politician.

Still some of the Malaysian Indians believe his ‘empty’ struggle which he has transferred the support from HINDRAF to his own political benefit. HINDRAF/HRP is now more to criticise both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat. Instead of doing this, they should sit in the same table, work and discuss with both of the parties for ethnic Indians well beings. This clearly shows that HINDRAF/HRP is more to play politics, not for helping the Indians.

Leadership confusion

Waythamoorthy, Uthayakumar, Kenghadaran, Manoharan, Ganapathirao and Vasantha Kumar are the HINDRAF top leaders who worked hard to form the organ and lead Malaysian ethnic Indians fought against federal government on 25 November 2007. But since Waythamoorthy ran away to London fearing that he could be arrested in Internal Security Act Malaysia, the rest five of them were arrested under the security act.

During the detention, the truth revealed when Vasantha Kumar stated that Uthayakumar has misused the HINDRAF’s money, since then HINDRAF’s leadership broken into pieces. The leadership crises are worsening when Vasantha Kumar and Ganapathirao joined a hand forming another team. They also wanted Waythamoorthy to back to Malaysia to face whatever possiblities if he is a true fighter.

Misused of HINDRAF funds

After Vasantha Kumar during his ISA detention revealed the ugly truth about the misuse of fund by Uthayakumar, V Ganabatirau has accused the P Waythamoorthy of using millions of ringgit collected from the people for his personal use while in self-imposed exile in London several months ago.

The millions of ringgit that collected from Malaysian Indians during the HINDRAF rally lost just like that, Uthayakumar and Waythamoorthy failed to tell the truth about the fund. In several other occasions, they refused to answer about this claim.

HINDRAF hijacked by Waythamoorthy, Uthayakumar, Thanenthiran and Jeyathas

When we talking about HINDRAF and Makkal Shakthi, it all belongs to the people. The people is HINDRAF, and the HINDARF is people. But the leaders 'hijacked' Indians for their own benefits and refuse to hear people's voice.

Waythamoorthy and Uthayakumar might have planned to ‘collect’ more money by involving in politics. The problem to consider was peoples support, so the both used HINDRAF to form own political party. The shameful truth is hard to believe, but just look at their press statements nowadays, all focusing on attacking government and opposition, not fighting for the pledge of minority.

Waythamoorthy appointed HINDRAF co-ordinator Thanenthiran is another traitor in fact. He ‘sold out’ Makkal Shakti to Najib by forming Makkal Shakthi Party which support the cruel government. The Malaysian Indians again betrayed by HINDRAF leaders.

Most of us still thinking that why Jeyathas also in this list, but he is not that bad as you think. I pity of this man, who being loyal to Uthayakumar since long time ago. Uthayakumar is using this man for his purpose, hope Jayathas realise it when he is also highlighted in ‘traitors’ list.

Empty promises

After few months promising that he will not organise any street protest, and now he is going to his old habit. He organised several protests to show his dissatisfactions. Such protests are nothing more than cheap publicities for his new race based party, Human Rights Party (HRP).

Between that, I wish to know his ‘landmark plan’ that he said he has been created during his ISA detention. Is he cheating the Malaysian Indian again and again? Let wait and see.

Racial politics

In reality, Human Rights Party and HINDRAF are racially dividing Malaysian Indians from the mainstream politics and organizations. Younger generation should reject such movements push for racial lines which will bring us backward in uniting with other ethnics in our nation.We ethnic Indians in Malaysia must put Malaysia’s interest first before our minority interest.

MIC formed in 1946, next PPP formed in 1953 followed by IPF, MIUP, Mindraf and MMSP, and finally HINDRAF reemerge as HRP (Human Rights Party). So what's the different between MIC and HINDRAF/HRP now? All of them are in same group which we can call them as racist.

Let’s work with other races in building a Malaysia for all Malaysians. Let’s fight for the removal of racial politics, in fact all the minorities get benefit if racial politics removed and the poor citizen/minorities will get equal attentions from the government.