Dec 10, 2009

I oppose Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy)

The issue of Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) once again raised the temperature among Malaysians. The issue had been issue raised by various non-Malay politicians in this nation, saying that Ketuanan Melayu had remained a stumbling block to unite the Malaysians. The philosophy is regarded as discrimination of other races.

After more than 5 decades, the minorities of Malaysians never experienced the real meaning of the independence. Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, religious oppressions, policy discrimination are nothing new for them. Well, let me tell you the truth that Malaysia was more comfortable and independent under the colonial of British. UMNO colonial are very much discriminating the minorities, depressing their own citizen in own country.

The reason I mentioned UMNO as colonial is because they are always championing the “ketuanan Melayu” policy in Malaysia. So If Malays are “Tuan”, then other races are their slaves? Bumiputra and Bukan Bumiputra verse are the simplest example that the Malaysian non-Malays are under discrimination. This is the Malaysia state of denial in reality, the government is arrogant, refuse to listen Minority’s plight to create a fair and equal situation for all Malaysians regardless of ethnicity and religion.

It seems there are a number of aspects that remain an obstacle to unity among the various races in the country, among which Ketuanan Melayu which is a discrimination of the non-Malays is. In fact, it is oppressive to the harmony of our nation. If everyone is positive and open minded in accepting this, I'm sure that nothing can be regarded as sensitive issue.

The country remains in chaos and confusion even after 52 years of independent. Everything about the Malaysian identity is disappointing, because the minorities view Malays as helpless and incompetent while the Malays view minorities as outsiders.

Quoted from: The British:

our goal is the introduction of] a form of common citizenship open to all those, irrespective of race, who regarded Malaya as their real home and as the object of their loyalty.

Quoted from: E. E. C. Thuraisingham:

I and others believed that the backward Malays should be given a better deal. Malays should be assisted to attain parity with non-Malays to forge a united Malayan Nation of equals.

Quoted from: Lim Swee Aun:

We are co-owners, not lodgers, not guests.

Quoted from: Tunku Abdul Rahman:

For those who love and feel they owe undivided loyalty to this country, we will welcome them as Malayans. They must truly be Malayans, and they will have the same rights and privileges as the Malays.

Quoted from: The Reid Commission:

Our recommendations are made on the footing that the Malays should be assured that the present position will continue for a substantial period, but that in due course the present preferences should be reduced and should ultimately cease so that there should then be no discrimination between races or communities.