Nov 22, 2008

Pioneer Warrior of Makkal Sakthi - P Patto

My personal thanks to Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar bin Jamaluddin who in his speech declared his support for naming a road in Ipoh to honour the late P. Patto for his contributions and sacrifices for the welfare of Malaysians in the service of Ipoh, Perak and Malaysia. P Patto was the pioneer warrior of Makkal Sakthi who had dedicated his life to “People’s Power” for all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion.

He was indeed a great man who could speak fluently in all four languages, Malay, English, Mandarin and of course Tamil. He would be very proud of the achievements of PR if he still alive until today. Another person to be remembered along with P Patto is the late V. David truly gave opposition a more multi-racial look. It’s sad that these great Malaysians are not around anymore to champion a more vibrant democracy in Malaysia and voicing the minority rights in Parliament especially Malaysian Indian.

P. Patto was one of the more than hundred detainees that was detained under the Internal Security Act during Operasi Lalang 1987. Then he served detention in Kamunting for 15 months. Other DAP MPs who “graduated” from Kamunting Detention Centre included Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng, Dr. Tan Seng Giaw, Lau Dak Kee and the late V. David. Malaysian opposition lost an outstanding leader and the people a great Parliamentarian and a true Malaysian son when he suddenly died of a heart failure at the Ipoh General Hospital on 12th July 1995.

Let us Malaysian together fully honour Patto whether by naming a road, a memorial park, a school or a scholarship after him so that his contribution, dedication and sacrifices will forever be an example to future generations. Malaysian especially Indian must always remember P Patto as the warrior of Makkal Sakthi.

Nov 21, 2008

Rais Yatim's hope for Guatanamo, Malaysian's hope for Kamunting

Rais calling for fair trial and release of the two Guantanamo detainees, while on the other hand denying the rights to trial of hundreds in our own country. The Kamunting camp and Guatanamo are similar camps which allow detention without trial. Minister must to stop practicing double standards and Kamunting detention camp in Malaysia should compare to Guantanamo Bay camp. They must close down the camp. Many are detained arbitrarily and without trial under the ISA for so many years.

A lot of detainees are being held there for more than 2 to 6 years. Five alleged JI members who have been held under the ISA for seven years - Yazid bin Sufaat, Suhaimi bin Mokhtar, Abdullah bin Daud, Mat Sah bin Mohd Satray and Shamsuddin bin Sulaiman. Just like those held in Guantanamo Bay, the Kamunting detainees have been subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention without trial, with the conditions of their detention kept well away from the eyes of the public.

Foreign Minister Rais Yatim: “The government is hopeful that two of its citizens being held at the Guantanamo Bay camp will be released and sent home after Barack Obama is sworn in as US president”He also added that “No charges have been brought against them (Mohamad Farik Amin and Mohammed Nazir Lep), and this is worse than the ISA (Internal Security Act) “.

Rais Yatim knows that Guatanamo detentaion camp is worst than Kamunting. If he appeal for the release of Malaysians there, than he also should support the release of all ISA detainees. I think the time now for ISA detainees to get fair treatment from government. Government should either charge them in proper manner or free them immediately.

Nov 20, 2008

Love or Hate?

There are reasons why I love or hate my nation, Malaysia. There is a lot to complain about my country, and there is a lot to love too! I always hope the best from Malaysia.

I would like to start from the negative causes:

Horrible Public Transportation
  • The Light Rail Transit is overcrowded, dirty and smelly (I prefer walk though far)
  • Buses arrive late (sometime even no at all)
  • Dishonesty of taxi drivers (meter rate problems)
  • There was a visible divide among the Malays and non-Malays. Friends that used to be close wont really speak to each other and gangs were formed. The tension was so high that a small spark would trigger of a fight.
  • I once was personally involved in a fight when I was in secondary school with a Malay boy, then i was trying very hard to settle the problem, but my friends made it big and lead to a huge gang fight.
Bad Service Culture
  • I even could not get a smile from most of the Malaysian. Some time even worst, my smile replied with a horrible look.

Enough negativities, lets see why I love Malaysia:

Cheap race tracks
  • I can speed all the way from north to south in the highways. It’s a cheap race track that I am able to 'fly' unlimitedly at all the time.
  • We have the perfect combination of Malay, Chinese and Indian list of options. There’s even food that you cannot find anywhere else in the world namely Roti Canai, Tosai, Nasi Lemak, Bak Kut Teh, Char Kuey Teow, Banana Leaf Rice, Nasi Kandar and much more.
Corrupt Cops
  • When you are stopped over by the police while driving, the standard procedure is to slip a 50 Ringgit note in their notepads when they ask you “Macam mana?” (Which translates to “So what do we do now?”). No expensive fines!
Pirated Movies
  • I can enjoy 3 Tamil movies for only RM10.
Night Life
  • Seems that Malaysians has forgotten how to sleep. Even at 4am I can go outside and find some friends or food.
It’s my home
  • I born here. This is the place that I experienced everything from the beginning.

And I am not going to leave my beloved Malaysia. I wish to stay here and try my level best to correct the situations. Not much I able to deliver, but I will do my part. I love Malaysia vary much and I do hope that it grows in an excellent path to a better surrounding and efficient economy for my future generation.

"என்னைப் பெற்றெடுத்த என் தாய் மண்ணே மலேசியா, உன்னை நான் என்றும் என் இதயத்தில் சுமப்பேன்"

Nov 18, 2008

The Longest Surviving Pop Band in Malaysia, Alleycats

The best band that I have ever seen in my life, Alleycats! The Alleycats is a Malaysian band which was formed in 1969 , and gained popularity in the late 1970s. They comprise of musicians from Penang, and gained popularity in their home state earlier on in their career. Band members Members include: David Arumugam on vocals, Loganathan Arumugum on vocals, Tan Chin Hock on drums, Shunmugam Arumugam on lead guitar, Chester Anthony Passerella on saxophone, Khoo Fook Sin and Grenville on keyboards, and Frank Ong on bass guitar.

Alleycats' music is said to be influenced by Air Supply, Phil Collins, Bee Gees, Billy Joel, David Gates & Bread, Santana and Paul McCartney. Most of Alleycats albums were produced by Eric Yeo. Most of their hit songs were penned by music supremo M.Nasir with the lyrics most done by S.Amin Shahab. M.Nasir/S.Amin combination were most noticed with hit songs such as Hingga Akhir Nanti, Andai Aku Pergi Dulu, Sekuntum Mawar Merah Sebuah Puisi, Setahun Sudah Berlalu, Seribu Bintang, Nota Terakhir.

There were earlier line-ups of this band but the line-up mentioned was the one that granted an opportunity for a higher level of achievement in music. The Alleycats were always on top of the musical stage in Malaysia even before they were signed up as recording artistes. This line-up secured a performance contract in the Mocambo club situated in Central, a business sector on Hong Kong island in 1976. It was supposed to be a three-month contract but their success in wooing the crowd earned them three yearly contracts bundled with TV and concert appearances as means of promoting the band. They became a hit with the locals in Hong Kong. It was not until they left Hong Kong to start a new performance contract in Singapore that they were spotted by major recording companies.

The Alleycats started out in 1978 by signing a contract with Polygram Records-Philips to produce an album. They went to Hong Kong to record their album in Dragon Studio. Later, Lion Studio in Singapore was responsible for mastering Alleycats' albums. The Alleycats' first released album was Terima Kasih ("Thank You"), with their first single Senandung Semalam ("Yesterday's Serenade"). The existence of this band was vital to the Malaysian music industry.

They had contributed to the development of the Malaysian music industry and till today are still regarded as one of the legendary Malaysian pop music bands of all time. Even with changes in the line-up, they are still active in performing and recording. The Alleycats have a strong fan base from all walks of life in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

The band also won many awards, notably among them are the Muzik-Muzik winners award and the Malaysian Book of Records award for being the longest surviving Pop band in the country. The most upsetting incident happened when Loganathan Arumugam, vocalist of the Alleycats, passed away on June 4, 2007 following an 8 month battle with lung cancer. His death is deeply mourned by Alleycats fans as seen in the press and media.


Sincere thanks to Alleycats band for their marvelous songs and wonderful voices!

TERIMA KAAASSSSIIIIHHH................!!!!!!

Nov 17, 2008

Lack of Accountability in Government Servants... Why?

Decades ago, Malaysian government sectors were one of the best in this region. From time to time, the quality of government sectors declined terribly, immediately draw criticism from various groups of citizen especially NGOs. A state government in Malaysia knowing that Malaysian is lack of accountability in governance, it has introduced some populist measures and claimed to be the first to implement the CAT (competency, accountability, transparency) policy in the country to form a 'government for people'.

There are a lot of factors leads to the plunge of accountability among government servants. At once, Malaysia has best system and our government servants always committed to their responsibility. But now our government sectors full of corruption, misuse of power and mismanagement of the authorities and so on. Corruption rate in Malaysia mount to its worst performance ever which released by Transparency International shows that we lack of accountable government servants.

During 50s, 60s, and 70s, government sector’s servant most of them were Malaysian Indian. They worked hard to fulfill their responsibility to the people. Malaysian Indian very committed with their works during those days, the process of every works was very quick and on time. But what’s happening now? We can’t get our works complete fast and on time. We required waiting for hours for pay our bills and other official matters. Even at some of the time, the officials delay simple matters. Such difficulties that faced by people are standard incidents in their daily lives.

Another most fundamental issue that destroys accountability of government servant is corruption. The corrupted officers will make the things finish early just because they have received money from the people who corrupting them. So they often ignore ordinary people that never give any ‘incentive’ to them. Such behaviour spoil the governance system. By giving enough salaries to government servants, we can stop such irresponsible act.

Another factor which also effect the governance system and shows no accountability in government is lazinesses. In many occasion, I witness there are counters closed for customers even though at the peak hours. The customers stand for a long queue to wait but still the counters are not operating for them. Some government servant take their breakfast, and lunch in 'overtime', but I haven't seen any of them working overtime for the people. Peoples are facing difficulties to meet the officers solve their problems during this hours.

I hope government take efficient steps to improve accountability of government servants or should emulate Penang state government's CAT (competency, accountability, transparency) policy. If they seriously want the improvements, they should also bring more Malaysian Indian back to the government sectors in order to restore the peoples believe. More opportunity should given to the in this sector, so that the era of 50s, 60s and 70s which Malaysian government sector were praised by peoples can be reformed immediately.

Nov 16, 2008

Muthupalaniappan Not Relevant For MIC President!

“Party members are already calling me the Obama of MIC, the force to oust Samy and bring a major leadership change in the MIC,” Datuk M. Muthupalaniappan said.

Do you think so? Obama is a young and fresh President of USA. Even before he elected as President, his idea of changing America into more liberal and to create a condusive economic environments for the world was more clear. He was not promised with the simple words, but explained American how he can bring the changes. How about Muthupalaniappan? He used the simple words and said he could bring the changes. He should have a complete manifesto for his campaign to oust the Samy Vellu. I think that he could be the same like Samy Vellu after been elected as President. Even his age is not suitable for the post compare to Obama. Barack Obama is 47 years old and he talks the language of Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry. Muthu is 68, how he can connect with current generation?

Veteran Muthupalaniappan was first elected to the MIC central working committee in 1979. The same year, he was appointed Negri Sembilan MIC chief and party Youth head. He was made senator in 1980 and two years later, won the Si Rusa state assembly seat and was appointed to the Negrri Sembilan state executive council. He was elected vice-president in 1997 but failed to retain the post in the party’s 2000 and 2006 elections. Now he throw challenge on Dato Seri S Samy Vellu in next year’s MIC presidential election.

He said he received a lot of support from grassroots. The 68-year-old Seremban-based Muthupalaniappan, who is a lawyer by profession, is not relevant for our generation. In my opinion, the younger generation should challenge Samy Vellu. The young faces in MIC such as S K Devamany, Saravanan and Sothinathan. should come forward for the interest of Malaysian Indian and MIC's reformation. Samy and his old friend Muthu are not relevant for Malaysian Indian's new vision and mission.

The largest Indian party in the country would hold its presidential election in March, while the election of deputy president, three vice-president and 23 central working committee (CWC) seats would be held in September. Muthu cited “overwhelming” calls by senior party leaders and members as the reason for his decision. But I don't think an old leader replaced by an another old leader is not a good idea. It's not a good sign to restructure and recover believes on MIC.

Since MIC is facing crucial moments currently, Samy Vellu supposes to leave the post to capable and younger boss. At least the new boss has the new thoughts for Malaysian Indians. Since Malaysian Indian lost confident on Samy Vellu, any of his challenger is threat to him and able to shake his position. Hope his challenger will be a fresh and young youth; this is the right time ever to oppose him.

No use if MIC leaders claiming that they are the champion and sole Malaysian Indian representative in parliament if without any effort to change its leadership into more competent. 68 years old Muthupalaniapan is too old for the post and even he is not suitable for current and future generation. May be some people say that he is slightly better than Samy Vellu, however he is not ideal for 2008. We Malaysian Indian are not only hoping for leadership change, but also economic, education, socio politics, language and other sectors.

Dato M Muthupalaniappan must forget his dream to fight for the MIC president post, even if the grassroots forced him, he should proposed other talented young leaders who with more new and updated plans for Malaysian Indian.