Feb 26, 2009

Offline for Several Days

Toll Hikes Burden Consumers

The toll hike is exorbitant and burdens consumers especially the middle class and the poor. Why must government increase toll fares when they had just reduced the price of petrol months ago? This will burden the people because the prices of goods have not gone down, in addition to the economic downturn.

Breakdown of toll increases

  • For the North-South Expressway, users will have to pay an extra 0.86 sen per kilometre, or about 5 percent more.

  • For Sprint Highway, the rate at the Pantai toll plaza will increase by 50 sen to RM2, up by 33 percent. At the Damansara toll plaza, the rate will be raised by 30 sen RM1.30, up by 30 percent.

  • For the Ampang Elevated Highway, the rate will rise by 50 sen or 33 percent to RM2.

  • For the Sungai Besi Highway, toll will be increased by 10 sen or 7.7 percent to RM1.40.

  • For the New Pantai Expressway, the toll will be raised by 40 sen or 25 percent to RM2.

Feb 25, 2009

PM Quits Next Month While UMNO Elections Heat Up


Will Prime Minister and UMNO/BN President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi quitting in March 2009? Since he would not be defending the UMNO President's post, paving the way for the Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to contest and to succeed him, then I think its acceptable.

With UMNO election just around the corner, many UMNO leaders are vying for the UMNO Deputy President position after the report that PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who is UMNO President decided whether he will not retain his presidency. Rumours among UMNO leaders are that Datuk Seri Abdullah was under tremendous pressure to 'leave' since the failures in March 8 general elections, recent by-elections and on the status of the countries weak economy and administration.

The chances for leaders from UMNO to win the Deputy President Post are extremely open widely now. Since it is tradition that the Deputy President would assume the position of Deputy Prime Minister, if there is a vacancy, the list of candidates are many, since UMNO leaders are in the race to fulfill their political ambitions.

UMNO divisional elections already started on October 9 while the general assembly will meet in March 2009. Hope if new group of leadership formed in UMNO elections next year, they will lead the Party specifically and Malaysia generally to a better democracy rule and a greater future definitely.

Feb 24, 2009

Hot Constituencies in Malaysia

The three constituencies below soon becoming the focus of the political analyst. The result of the elections will judge on the future of Malaysian politics:

The video below only shows one of the hundreds schools which still in upsetting condition. Watch it!:

The video shows how our schools conditions are after more than 50 years of independent. Even before independent during British colonial’s time, they kept our schools in more comfortable and full with basic facilities. But now we are having our own nation with our own government, still couldn’t provide better facilities for our students.

Seriously we have failed terribly in developing our education standards. Our leaders always tell that, “Malaysians have first class facilities but third class mentality". By saying that, I know that they are trying to cover up their weakness. Do we have first class facilities? But when the results are out, our student’s performance not bad when the percentages of A's increasing from year to year.

Feb 22, 2009

"Tiger of Jelutong", a Victim of the Dirty Politics


This is not the first time Karpal Singh, a prominent lawyer and DAP’s chairman receives bullets and a note threatening to kill him and his family. Two such incidents happened in only 10 months. In the latest case, the veteran politician had received them again in the mail posted to his home address in Jalan Utama, Waterfall, and George Town yesterday two days ago.


If anything happen to Karpal Singh and his family, Malaysian police should fully take the blame for ignoring Karpal’s request for the safety of him and his family. The IGP is fully responsible for the safety and security of all people, especially elected representatives and their families.

The envelope containing the live bullets and note was opened by an office staff. The note was written in layman’s Bahasa Melayu.

The note read: “Cilaka, babi, anjing. Jangan main main dengan raja Melayu. Kalau tak sayang anak bini jangan cari pasal. Nanti lu satu family gua bakar. Lu punya rumah semua gua tau!! Lu cabar Melayu, mati lu satu family.”


Karpal Singh never challenged Sultan’s position or challenged Malays in Malaysia. He prosecuted the Sultan according to the law. Don’t forget that its UMNO is the one who threatens the Sultan’s power during Mahathir’s administration. If Karpal Singh did anything wrong which against the law, we know that in Malaysia ‘there is no one above the law”. So why don’t you to bring him to the court.