Feb 23, 2009

Will Government Help?

The video below only shows one of the hundreds schools which still in upsetting condition. Watch it!:

The video shows how our schools conditions are after more than 50 years of independent. Even before independent during British colonial’s time, they kept our schools in more comfortable and full with basic facilities. But now we are having our own nation with our own government, still couldn’t provide better facilities for our students.

Seriously we have failed terribly in developing our education standards. Our leaders always tell that, “Malaysians have first class facilities but third class mentality". By saying that, I know that they are trying to cover up their weakness. Do we have first class facilities? But when the results are out, our student’s performance not bad when the percentages of A's increasing from year to year.

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Anonymous said...

well friend..
adakala kita akan anggap kekurangan itu adalah teruk untuk diakui..tetapi sejauh mana kekurangan itu dapat ditutup oleh guru untuk melihat kekurangan itu merupakan satu kesedaran dalam diam untuk sama-sama mengangkat martabat sekolah.. kalo kita asyik nak salahkan kerajaan..apakah peranan kita sebagai rakyat yang telah kita lakukan selain mengutuk dan hanya memburuk-burukkan kerajaan? but i agree with u hehehehe...