Feb 26, 2009

Toll Hikes Burden Consumers

The toll hike is exorbitant and burdens consumers especially the middle class and the poor. Why must government increase toll fares when they had just reduced the price of petrol months ago? This will burden the people because the prices of goods have not gone down, in addition to the economic downturn.

Breakdown of toll increases

  • For the North-South Expressway, users will have to pay an extra 0.86 sen per kilometre, or about 5 percent more.

  • For Sprint Highway, the rate at the Pantai toll plaza will increase by 50 sen to RM2, up by 33 percent. At the Damansara toll plaza, the rate will be raised by 30 sen RM1.30, up by 30 percent.

  • For the Ampang Elevated Highway, the rate will rise by 50 sen or 33 percent to RM2.

  • For the Sungai Besi Highway, toll will be increased by 10 sen or 7.7 percent to RM1.40.

  • For the New Pantai Expressway, the toll will be raised by 40 sen or 25 percent to RM2.

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