Aug 9, 2008

Dont Fly The Flag Upside Down!!!!

What’s going on? I can’t understand why some bloggers start and support this kind of campaign. It’s disrespectful and an insult to all Malaysian. Kickdefella started this campaign, and then joined in by zorro followed by people’s parliament. 3 of them are famous bloggers, without thinking much their loyal readers just follow the bloggers acts by flying the flag upside down. Do we need to do this to show dissatisfaction against the government? We are not comfortable with the government but not our beloved nation! I don’t know how much of Malaysian joined this stupid campaign? Can I call them “moronic Malaysian”?

It’s doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied with all the system and condition of the nation, but just disagree with such acts. Yes, I’m very disappointed at what had been going on in our country. The judiciary system, corruption, lack of freedom of speeches and expression, double standards , racial politics and so on but I still love Malaysia very much.

Fly like this-


Aug 8, 2008



is hoping for the good luck of 08.08.08 when the Beijing Olympic Games will be officially opened to the public at 8.08pm China local time today. It will be the most memorable moment when the clock strikes eight seconds past eight minutes past eight on this day — six eights comes together (08.08.08, 08:08:08). China lucky to get the opportunity to host the game this time with their lucky number "8".

Although astrologers, numerologists and Feng Shui experts differ on the 'auspiciousness' of the date, yet they agree it is a special one. Chinese extremely believe it to be a very lucky number. However Indian believe that the number 8 is an unlucky number. In Russia, marriage offices have been flooded with applications of people who wish to marry today. In Bulgaria, 100 couples have already registered to tie the knot. There are much more events around the world in this special date.

Aug 7, 2008

MRR2: Don't Worry Malaysian, They Will Repair For You!


This is the third time in eight years! As long as no one dies from the cracks, there will be no proper reconstruction on MRR2. The
MRR2 in the Kepong has reared its ugly head again. Cracks have appeared one of the pillars. This stretch of the flyover starts from the nearby Taman Daya all the way to Taman Bukit Maluri. It cuts down waiting time at a number of traffic lights which are below the flyover. Cracks have appeared and the government has spent approximately RM70 million for such repairs. This new crack worries Malaysian as we are facing a 27-year high inflation economic crisis. The repair may reach tenths of million, so who to blame?


Closures of the Kepong Flyover:

First closure
Recently, residents of the neighborhood of Kepong expressed their fear about the safety on Kepong Flyover which was reported to be faulty as 31 of 33 pillars supporting the flyover were reported to have obvious cracks. At some pillars and tiers, there were more than 7000 cracks detected. Public concern about the safety issues at Kepong Flyover was due to the risks faced by at least 4,300 motorists using the flyover at a time. Investigations were carried out by the government to investigate the matter. What's worse, the contractor who built the Package 11 of the highway (at Kepong neighborhood), Bumi Hiway Sdn. Bhd. was reported to have poor construction records in Malaysia. As a result, Kepong Flyover was closed to traffic and then reopened with only 4 out of 6 lanes. On August 10, 2004, the Works Minister, Dato' Seri S Samy Vellu, reminded the public that the cracks were not due to design flaw and "nobody can simply open their mouth and suggest it is design flaw" (Bernama 10 August 2004). However, findings from Halcrow Consultants Ltd suggested design deficiencies and the improper anchoring of the column rebar to the crossbeams were responsible for cracks and were finally accepted by the ministry (Source: New Straits Times, 1 October 2004).

Second closure
On 4 February 2006, the Kepong Flyover was closed to traffic from 10:30 am in the morning after serious damages on the flyover was confirmed. Many complaints arrived about the damages on MRR2. Traffic jam also has rose due to the uncompletion of the MRR2. On 8 December 2006, the Kepong Flyover was reopened to all traffic.

Third closure
On 3 August 2008, Kepong flyover was closed to all traffic after cracks appeared on a pillar 28, MRR2 cracks photos. This is the third time the 1.7-km MRR2 Kepong flyover has been closed because of cracks.

And be prepared for the next! Who knows?

Aug 6, 2008

Nomination: Aug 16, Election: Aug 26

The election commission announced Permatang Pauh by-election held on Aug 26 (Tuesday) while the nomination day would be on Aug 16 (Saturday). This undoubtedly will become a great contest election in the Malaysia’s politics history. The moment will soon change the politics agenda of our country once again, more like a new revolution in the political agendas in our country. Permatang Pauh constituency has 58,450 registered voters. Racial breakdown with 69.4% Malay, 24.5% Chinese, 6.0% Indians and 0.1% others will vote together to choose their best candidate. The seat has been resigned by Datul Seri Wan Azizah Ismail to give her husband opportunity to enter the parliament after 10 years. Anwar confirmed that he will be contesting in the seat and about his rival, BN not yet decide the candidate to face the PKR leader.

Penang Chief Minister defined that the election will be a “mini tsunami” after the “huge tsunami” that happened in March 8 2008 which resulted the won of 5 states and denial of 2/3 BN’s majotity in parliament by Pakatan Rakyat. Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Najib Tun Razak stated that Permatang pauh is extremely hard for BN, but still they are confident that will be giving a tough fight to Anwar Ibrahim. Hope clean tactics used by the party politics that contesting in the election in order to respect people's rights to vote and protect the democracy system in Malaysia.

Aug 4, 2008

Prime Ministers of Malaysia

Country's first Prime Minister

Tunku Abdul Rahman- Bapa
Kemerdekaan (Father of Independent)

The second Prime Minister

Tun Abdul Razak- Launched the Malaysian New Economic Policy (MNEP)

The third prime Minister

Tun Hussein Onn- Bapa p
erpaduan (Father Of Unity)

The fourth Prime Minister

Tun Dr Mahathir
Mohammad- Engineered Malaysia's rapid modernization

And The fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia

Dato' Seri Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah)- ? (I don't know, you know it? Lets share with me.)

The Next Prime Minster
On July 10 2008, Abdullah announced he would step down as UMNO President and Prime Minister in June 2010. He announced that he would transfer power to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, a move aimed at reducing the level of political uncertainty in the country. Before that, PKR leader Anwar said that high number of BN MPs will defect to the Pakatan Rakyat to form a new federal government on 16 Sept. So in the other meaning, he is very confident that going to be the next PM. What you think dear Malaysian?

Aug 3, 2008

"One World, One Dream"


able to win any of this

in the


"One World, One Dream" - The slogan for the 2008 Olympics. I really hope Malaysian athlete perform all out in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games to fulfill 25 million Malaysians dream. With only few days to kick off, Malaysian athletes prepared very well, especially our shuttlers and cyclists confident that they can make the dream come true. In order to motivate our athletes, RM1 million incentives offered by government to the gold medalist in the game. So everything is going great and we Malaysian can do our part by pray for their victory.