Aug 8, 2008



is hoping for the good luck of 08.08.08 when the Beijing Olympic Games will be officially opened to the public at 8.08pm China local time today. It will be the most memorable moment when the clock strikes eight seconds past eight minutes past eight on this day — six eights comes together (08.08.08, 08:08:08). China lucky to get the opportunity to host the game this time with their lucky number "8".

Although astrologers, numerologists and Feng Shui experts differ on the 'auspiciousness' of the date, yet they agree it is a special one. Chinese extremely believe it to be a very lucky number. However Indian believe that the number 8 is an unlucky number. In Russia, marriage offices have been flooded with applications of people who wish to marry today. In Bulgaria, 100 couples have already registered to tie the knot. There are much more events around the world in this special date.


தமிழ் மாறன்™ வேலாயுதம் said...

ya..true...8 is a lucky no.

Thts y i predict Permatang Pauh
by-election date 26 (2+6=8)
will bring luck to Permtg Pauh ppl
& Malaysia as whole.

P/S : Oni stupid guy select no.13
13 as car no plat (WCH 13)
13 as Parliament dissolved date

wat else?
13th general election is no more ah?!! lucky no. ur 13!

Thiruvarasan said...

every number is good number, as long as the thing we do is correct it will be successful!

vasantarao appalasamy said...

@தமிழ் மாறன வேலாயுதம் - yea sometime the number bring disaster to the current administration..

@thiruvarasan - its ur opinion.. maybe.. hehehe...