Aug 9, 2008

Dont Fly The Flag Upside Down!!!!

What’s going on? I can’t understand why some bloggers start and support this kind of campaign. It’s disrespectful and an insult to all Malaysian. Kickdefella started this campaign, and then joined in by zorro followed by people’s parliament. 3 of them are famous bloggers, without thinking much their loyal readers just follow the bloggers acts by flying the flag upside down. Do we need to do this to show dissatisfaction against the government? We are not comfortable with the government but not our beloved nation! I don’t know how much of Malaysian joined this stupid campaign? Can I call them “moronic Malaysian”?

It’s doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied with all the system and condition of the nation, but just disagree with such acts. Yes, I’m very disappointed at what had been going on in our country. The judiciary system, corruption, lack of freedom of speeches and expression, double standards , racial politics and so on but I still love Malaysia very much.

Fly like this-



e s t a n c u s said...

moronic malaysia? you couldnt have said it better! lol.

i stand by you in this. upside downing flags insult the country, and every country men who calls themselves Anak Malaysia

Happy merdeka!

vasantarao appalasamy said...

i just upset on some people who tend to follow the bloggers without using own rationality..
Happy Merdeka fren!!!
keep visiting my blog....