Aug 3, 2008

"One World, One Dream"


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"One World, One Dream" - The slogan for the 2008 Olympics. I really hope Malaysian athlete perform all out in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games to fulfill 25 million Malaysians dream. With only few days to kick off, Malaysian athletes prepared very well, especially our shuttlers and cyclists confident that they can make the dream come true. In order to motivate our athletes, RM1 million incentives offered by government to the gold medalist in the game. So everything is going great and we Malaysian can do our part by pray for their victory.



Anonymous said...

malaysia mesti boleh tapi
saya dengar orang indian tak masuk olympik tahun ni, betul ke? kenapa camtu?

thanendran said...

its bcos of racist goverment and not bcos indians unable to do

Thiruvarasan said...

Once upon time Malaysian Indian was the best in Malaysia, the racist gov pushed us a side and giving not opportunity

vasantarao appalasamy said...

@Anonymous - not "orang indian" but "orang Malaysian yang berketurunan india"
Indian is the people with India's nationality!

@thanendran - i don't know when the "racist" will over in Malaysia...

@thiruvarasan - correct thiru, at one time, Malaysian Indian was the best in every sports