Aug 31, 2008

BANGSA MALAYSIA : No Merdeka Until Unity Become Reality!


Today, Aug 31 2008, we are celebrating 51st National Independence Day. I wonder how we able to celebrate grandly without unity within ourselves since racism haunts us very much. More than half century of Independence, most of us feel meaningless to celebrate it. Over the 50 years, We Malay, Chinese and Indian have shed our blood, tear and sweat to build up this nation. We have sacrifice a lot for the cause of unity, integrity and progress. Why until today no success for these struggles? Who to blame?

I ask these questions not to belittle our achievements, but to inspire us to greater effort. I ask not to make us feel dispirited, but to enthuse us to march forward to achieve the unity through Bangsa Malaysia concept. Today, when we look back, we can say with dissatisfaction that we are blindly moving forward in the wrong direction. We have been slow in taking some steps, especially when unity is the matter. We have failed to battle against racism especially when position, economic, education, sports and other main fields are the subjects.

Every citizen must recognise that we are Malaysians. We must fritter away our time on minor issues and pointless personal dissimilarities. I urge all political parties, and NGO leaders to stop divide people along racial lines and threat every citizen fairly without discrimination or intimidation. Our strength is in our unity, despite our diversity. We can’t deny the fact that, unity gave us our Independence that today we are enjoying and the strength of a nation that we can be proud of.

Every citizen of Malaysia must feel proud to say - I am Malaysian! Anyhow, as a true Malaysian, I have to wish every citizen Happy 51st National Day. I’m confident that we can build up unity from today. Can we start it from this noble day?


Thiruvarasan said...

agreed. meaningless merdeka, celebrating grandly with Billions of taxpayers money, but achieved nothing for good!

Helmi said...

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
Everything will be fine soon..

Anonymous said...

I will disagree will anyone says that we as Malaysian achieved nothing for good. It is very unpatriotic.

yes, agree there are issues for Indians hich needs to be tackled. But is it only the governments fault ? What have we as Indians have contributed to the wellbeing of fellow Indians ?

I will not blame the government alone in this. All of us have take a blame and we should try to find solution (not only depend on the government). Why can the Chinese more prosperous than us ? They are also subjected to same kind of policies ? If they can do it, why not us ? Ponder on this and try to find ways to work along that line.

I am a Malaysian first than only an Indian.

thanendran said...

Don't compare Chinese with us, they came here as traders and businessmen.. But we as estate worker, colonised by Britsh thise day, now by UMNO... what the hell is going on..? You cant deny the fact that Chinese also depending on the government... Dont you know Malaysian economy equity control by governmnt itself? they wana give us 1%, or 1.5% or 2 %... all they controlled... so wat we can do? Such racist government u wana support.. GO TO HELL!! 99.99% blame on the government!