Sep 4, 2008

Malaysian Ethnic Indian Dilemma

The spate of violent crimes involving Malaysian Indian youths seems to be continuing since there are no proper implementation to stop them. About 63% of detainees under the emergency ordinance and 14% of detained juveniles are Malaysian Indians, which are the members of a minority community. Its clerly shows that our community is in “social crisis”. The latest case involving youths - shot dead of four Mamak gang members on Sept 1 2008.

Feeling marginalised and generally trapped in poverty, Malaysian Indian are lack of a caring and sharing from the Government. Feeling ostracise in all sectors - schools, institutions, enforcement agencies, government and corporate, they tend to seek a defence mechanism to overcome their woes and challenges. They organise themselves into groups or gangs provided youths for a sense of belonging. Some of the groups had developed links with forces of power and money which appear to be promoting and protecting them, even students in secondary schools are being influenced. The problems linked with poverty, after all gangsterism increases when those with power and money exploit the situation. I believed these problems are simple to solve if nation's politics was transformed beyond race and when after we started to think that its a national problem.

As a result of the developments in Malaysia, Malaysian Indian pushed from rural to urban poverty, from living in an estates to squatter areas. There are rapid urbanisation was putting pressure on them who lived in rubber estates. Most of the Malaysian Indians were forced to migrate to towns after the plantations they worked in were bought for development projects. Since lacked education and skills, they ended up in slum areas. Some children drop out of school, having to fend for families with inadequate incomes, and this provides a conducive climate for criminals to recruit young members.

Some institutions of the Government and the mainstream media are contributing to the creation of the 'problematic community' image. The Government has to seriously look at socio-economic inequalities beyond race. The low status and marginalisation of the community today is a result of vast problems. Tamil schools and education, for instance, as a national objective can begin the process of long-term resolution of the problems, including that of gangsterism. I sincerely believe that only education could save the children remedial and enrichment programmes should carried out soon. Besides that, the quality of living has to be improved, and infrastructure upgraded, including better housing, sanitation, roads, drainage, piped water and electricity.

Media reports of high crime statistics involving Malaysian Indians were out annually with such a high number of crime involving youths, but I wonder why there are hardly any serious discussion on the problem.


சதீசு குமார் said...

ஏழ்மை ஒருபக்கம், குற்றச்செயல்கள் மறுபக்கம்..!

இதற்குத் தீர்வு ?

ஏழைகளை துரத்தி அடிக்க வேண்டும்!

குற்றவாளிகளைச் சுட்டுத் தள்ள வேண்டும்!

இதுதான் பாரிசான் கொள்கை!

ஏழ்மையைத் துடைத்தொழிப்பதிலும், குற்றச்செயல்களைத் தடுப்பதிலும் அரசாங்கத்தின் கையாலாகதத்தனம் புலப்படுகிறது.

இந்திய சமூகத்தின் அடிப்படைப் பிரச்சனைகளைக் கண்டறிந்து, அவர்களுக்குத் தேவையான அடிப்படைத் திட்டங்களைச் செயல்படுத்தி இருந்தால், குற்றச் செயல்கள் பெருகி இருக்காது.

TechPen said...

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dr_vasan said...

When that poor fellow joined you guys, he was not an SB.
When he stood by your and your brother, he was not SB.
When he was locked up with your brother, after you ran away, he was not Hindraf.
When he issued statements out of jail, he was not SB.

But now suddenly out of the blue he becomes and SB? How ah?
Whats the logis here. Maybe he got turned over by the authorities like Tamil movies…brainwashed.
You, Wythamoorthy are a disgrace. You destroyed whatever that was left by uncle Sam. You divided us more than what the Tamil newspapers did.
Now you have this bunch of people who think Hindraf is a great organisation and keep sending you money while families of jailed leaders suffer.
Keep up your good job. As long as you have people to fool, you will survive.

Now can we have accounts of Hindraf please? I bought some Hindraf sticker for RM10 once upon a time and I have the right to the accounts? Who is paying your long overdued stay in the UK.

I have been there and know it is not cheap. Maybe Anwar is funding with the bulk of money he got from the Americans and the Jews.

And please, please brother don’t ever sat Hindraf is apolitical.
It is not. I know Anwar contacted you and your brother the day we had the rally last year and your and your so called leaders hid yourselves at a temple in centre of town to avoid talking and answering to him.

You and Hindraf have become political tools of Anwar bin Ibrahim. Just come out and admit it. You do not fight for the community but use the community to fight for you and your brother.

I challenge this operators to publish this true facts!

dr_vasan said...

Well, just look at the Hindraf site ppl. I guess there are a lot of Hindraf defensive sympathisers around. What is wrong in asking for Hindraf’s accounts. What is wrong in asking how that Wythamoorthy funds his lofty stay in London. Thats transparency isn’t it? Well I really hope Indians would open their eyes. We need sincere leaders. I am not saying the men sitting in positions in the MIC are all that sincere. Some are so corrupted, that only the system in which the party operates, has kept them there for such a long time…emmm like 30 years and above. Now thats another debate all together.
On this side we have this two brothers who had conned more than a million Indians. Anyway if I may ask, where is my One Million Ringgit la! What happened to the suit? still pending in courts ah? but then it was filed in London what, shouldn’t it be fast? How come nobody questions them on this? If questioned them they say you are planted by MIC and the police. Now if this is the kind of organisation these Hindraf leaders want to run, then I bet my bottom ringgit they are far, far worse than certain MIC leaders. How come no response for the apolitical stand by Hindraf. The apolitical stand if pure bulls@#t. They were in constant contact with Anwar. Note that I have used the past tense! Anwar used to have contact with them, when he needed them but now ellam potchi! no more phone calls from DSAI. The line has gone cold. Thats Anwar, he uses people. I know Anwar as I had in some point of my work, needed to work with the Father of Hindraf which is DSAI. Now how la? That fellow killed the Indian community. That is the man during his heydays in the BN vowed that there won’t be any temple bells ringing in Penang if he had his way. And now after ten years he changes and dances to Hindi tunes, calls himself Sivaji the Boss and hails Hindraf! Anwar a changed person…fat hopes people. A leopard never changes its spots! Now back to Hindraf, just admit the whole organisation is in disarray! You guys just don’t know where you are heading or for that matter what you guys want in the first place. Please put your house in order before attempting to clean someone elses home!

vasantarao appalasamy said...

Tell me which are false facts... i will correct it.. dont simply creating story here... All Malaysian know wats goin on now BROTHER!!!