Apr 6, 2009

MIC's Culture of Gangterism

Police forced to control the MIC supporters in Bukit Selambau. They were too wild and interrupting the campaign of other party by jeering, booing and even calling names at the leaders. Is it the spirit of democracy that they have learnt so far? The MIC members there were guilty of the mistakes and evil that their leaders have done to Malaysians Indian community until today. They actually can’t stand because truth news of misbehaviors of MIC leaders will reach the community, so they made decision to provoke the leaders and supporters of opponent to fight.

Watch this video:


NuDIst said...

Sigh, This Pemuda guys never change. They are always the idiots everytime. T.Mohan, G.Kumar Amman, Think you guys are the real fools.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

Mr Nudist,
even the senior members of MIC also same.. Putera MIC some more worst...

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