Jul 30, 2008

Poll Results

The question: What car you think our state EXCO members must officially use? I have given 4 choices of cars and others. The answers are our own national car Proton Perdana V6, expensive Mercedes, Toyota Camry which almost same price with our Perdana and luxurious BMW. Others mean the car that cheaper than the above and we may assume that it also mean that they use their own car. A total of 24 participated in the poll.

Based on the results, we can see that 13 out of 24 (54%) voted for Proton Perdana V6. 3 voters choosed on the Mercedes, 1 for Toyota Camry, no vote for BMW and 7 out of 24 (29%) of votes for other cars.

The results of the poll shows that most of the voters agreed that EXCOs must use our national car, its clearly shows that there are still hope and high expectation on it. About the high maintenance cost, I suggest EON should look on the matter and take proper implementation to deliver quality cars for Malaysian.

Thanks for the votes!

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