Jul 28, 2008

Olympic Rehearsal by China

China has held a rehearsal of the Olympics opening ceremony in the main venue for the Games, the 'Bird's Nest' stadium. Fireworks lit up Beijing's skyline as the rehearsal was carried out under tight security.


The Beijing Games will show the world what the Olympic Games really are: a gathering of young people who share the same goal and the same enthusiasm for sport. As well as inviting the finest athletes in the world to compete against each other, the Games will also provide a stage for China to present itself to the world during 16 days and 17 nights of sporting celebration. Malaysia is one of the nations will be making their debut in the game. If only Squash were part of the Olympics, then Malaysia would be looking for more golds i guess. I am sure our athletes namely badminton players will try their best to ensure that the Malaysian flag is hoisted with the 'NegaraKu" music being played. History would be created and our first Olympian millionaire would be showing off his gold medal.

Good Luck Malaysia at the Beijing Olympic!

Facts About Beijing Olympic Games:

Opening date: 8 August 2008

Closing date: 24 August 2008

Country of the host city: People's Republic of China

People's Republic of China

For more details view official website of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games:


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