Aug 25, 2008

P 044

Permatang Pauh voters will be deciding on who going to represent them in the parliament tomorrow. The final hours of the campaign shows a lot of "dramas". From "sodomising" each other to the swear on the name of god, of course these issues are confusing the voters to choose their candidate. However, the power is in voters hand whether to send the Opposition stalwart to the parliament after a decade of absence or vote for Arif Shah, the Seberang Jaya current assemblyman.

Big spending BN hoping to get good feedback from the voters tomorrow. Money and groceries pours in Permatang Pauh and the voters definitely the "King Makers". Arif Shah, the BN candidate for Permatang Pauh by-election vary confident of his victory. With less than day to go before Permatang Pauh voters cast their vote, the BN candidate has a bold prediction that he can win with the majority of 500 to 5 000 votes. In the other side, with 10 days of campaign, Anwar satisfied with the support of the Permatang Pauh folks. He stated that he will win tomorrow and the victory will be the first step to the Putrajaya as future PM.

Special holiday declared by Penang government to ensure maximum voters turnout for the crucial by-election. The election actually not supposed to held on Tuesday (working day). I wonder may be there are other reasons forced Election Commission (EC) to set such date. Who knows?

Anwar is the favourite candidate to win easily in the Permatang Pauh, he held the constituency from 1982 untill convicted to corruption. Permatang Pauh voters deciding on Anwar's fate tomorrow. Hope the candidates use clean tactics in the final hours of campaign. In my early prediction, I think Anwar will retain the constituency with the majority around 25 000 votes.


malarvili said...

good information>>> keep it up vasan>>>

Anonymous said...

Arif should win, racist Anwar must kick out from p.pauh

mohandas said...

with the conspiracies around, i don't think that anwar will win on comfortable margin as you mean.
even i can say that BN candidate have more chance to win.
i hope every one wont suprise when the result come out

Anonymous said...

hope DATO ANWAR win tis election n take out our 5hindraf leader from isa......... my support wil always to you..... keep it up Vasant........... HIDUP REFORMASI...........

vasantarao appalasamy said...

ANWAR won with comfortable margin!