Apr 3, 2009

Thank You Pak Lah!

The new chapter of Malaysia begins with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to lead the premiership starting today. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had served for 1,918 as Malaysian PM since Oct 30 2003 until yesterday. Undeniably, a lot of histories made in Malaysia during several years of his premiership.

The democracy spaces are more open under Pak Lah’s administration. Pak Lah, being the man of the people, did not do what lesser leaders might have done. He kept the space open. His promises were a little too late in coming, but he needed some time to deliver it. He failed deliver well due to UMNO leaders and Tun Dr Mahathir’s pressures. The massive critics by them very much disturbed his struggles to serve the people.

He always put nation above self. And he never wavered from trying his best to be truly a Prime Minister for all Malaysians. He was never being a racist like other UMNO leaders. He never uttered before any racist statements towards the minorities. As a politician, Pak Lah never used racial and religious issues to stoke the fires that cause disunity among the people. He was just too nice and friendly.

The high point of his political career was in the 2004 General Election when he received the great support from the Malaysian. As we know, the lowest point of his political career was March 8 General Election. The “culture of racism” which encouraged by Tun Dr Mahathir failed Pak Lah’s administration in reality. He was really unable to change the culture in a short period of time. The economic crisis and rise in global fuel prices also affected his administration much.

We enjoyed the meaning of democracy quit well during your administration. Thank you Pak Lah! We pray for you and your wife Jeanne enjoy good health and have good rests after after tired of shouldering the responsibility as a Prime Minister and the criticisms as well. It is a touching moment for Pak Lah and all over Malaysians.

We Malaysians love you Pak Lah!



Ganja Karupe said...

I agree in the context of inter racial respect and humanity shown by Tun Badawi was above everythng. I respect the TUN given to him as i believe it is the honour of the medal to hang on a Badawi'schest which carries mutual repect 4all races, but the same valuable is hanging around Mahathirs chest which damaging the reputation of the valuable prize. It is being soaked with racial and minoroty insults. Let's see what his remark gonna be for MCA's request of 2nd DPM post... Let the bloudy mamak to speak. I WANT TO HEAR.

topijerami90 said...

i think pak lah is worst ever as pm malaysia