Apr 2, 2009

It's a Part of Malaysian Culture?

Watch the video below, see how a political party attracting voters in an election campaign dinner. I need some clarification from my fellow Chinese friends about their culture. Dance and sing with shorts, skirt and singlet in public can be considered as your culture? Don’t you think it’s an immoral behavior of some westerns? A member of parliament said it’s your culture. What you think?

Some immoral scenes at the dinner:


Chia said...

Actualy they do this kind of immoral activities so that it could easily get Chinese votes...

but i don't think the voters will blindly choose their candadate

Satish said...

How nice of BN to proudly display their logo on the banner..haha

Sze Jia said...

That's our government, Imagine that!... Clearly, the Chinese will know who to choose... and thanks to the utterly stupid statement and the approach they have taken, let them screw themselves!..

Jie Ming said...

Its not our culture!

but they r 'culturising' it so that easy to fool Malaysian Chinese.

but in reality they are digging for their own whole.. RIP

Basuh Baju said...

stupid! it's not our culture. even my brother chinese.. aiyyah, ini pun mau tipu ka?

h0cmun said...

Can't really comment on this.
firstly the word culture sometimes is mis-used by many people..

and it's rather subjective and regional.. Urban kids would prefer clubbing, rural area kids would prefer fishing.. so culture or not, it's really hard to differentiate.

But no doubt, this is not approved by the muslim community, they call it hedonism. That's why only non muslims can adopt this 'culture' because we're not restricted by the so call 'immorality'.. but from the video, I don't see any immorality in it la.. just dance and sing with mini skirt, but they wore stockings bear in mind!

valaiya said...

BN lack of ideas to attract pupils.


Rajaram said...

now can BN bring some chicks to Bukit Gantnag and Bukit Selamabau to offer it to the voters... so they will tell you again that this is your culture! Shame shame of MCA!

Satya Seelan said...


Anonymous said...

leave it to the people decide on April 7th

Johsua Mah said...

I think Ahmad Zahid's statement is a misrepresentation of Chinese culture.

I am absolutely upset by such an extremely unwise statement.

His statement sounds as if the Chinese are a low-class race who only love to drink and watch performances by sexy, beautiful girls.

I have to say that his statement is absolutely disgusting and demeaning to the Chinese culture.

If he doesn't know much about the Chinese culture, then please shut up.

I am a Chinese and I got very upset reading his statement. He is talking nonsense.

To the MCA, please don't portray the Chinese as low-class citizens of Malaysia whose culture is drinking, eating and watching sexy, beautiful girls performing.

Please be responsible for what you have done. I 100 percent believe that many Chinese who read Zahid’s statement are as upset as me.

Zahid and MCA, please be professional and mature.

Anonymous said...

That is Zahit own culture!!
Go 2hell!!!