Mar 31, 2009

N25 Bukit Selambau By-Election Candidates

The top contestants:

S. Ganesan and S. Manikumar

S. Ganesan (BN)

S. Manikumar (PKR)

The underdogs (independent candidates and their logo) :

T. Chandrarajan (airplane)

Mejar (B) Anuar Abd Hamid (telephone)

M. Vanesan (fish)

Husaini Yaacob (bus)

Khamis Awang (rooster)

S. Moganakumar (book)

A. Jayagopal (umbrella)

L. Sarala (bicycle)

Abdul Rahim Abu (alarm clock)

Mohd Fadzil Abdul Wahab (tiger's head)

Radzi Md Lazim (chair)

R. Loganathan (palm tree)

Tan Hock Huat (key)

History made in Bukit Selambau with the largest number of candidates contesting in a by-election. Even though there are 13 independent candidates join the struggle to wrest N25 Bukit Selambau together with BN and PKR, I don't think they will be big threats to the top contestants. I do believe the people of Bukit Selambau will wisely make decision in choosing best candidate for their constituency.

Hope clean tactics used by party politics and their candidates in order to respect people's rights to vote and definitely to protect the democracy system in Malaysia.


Satish said...

It would be lovely to see PR win all 3 elections on April 7..perfect slap to the face of future PM Najib on April 2 or whenever...hehe

Hakim said...

hei bro,
do you realize something?
these independent candidates cam from different background.. I mean there are malays, chinese and indians.. that means there are some parties out there sponsored the candidates to wrest the votes from PKR and BN!

in this issue, sure PKR has no enough money to sponsor, I'm confident that BN has sponsored them to close down the margin of the votes to deliver some chances to BN.!

Geetha said...

Independent candidates supported by Samy Vellu to ensure the win of MIC in Bukit Selambau.

this is the way they are doing 'rebranding' business there! funny n stupid people! sigh