Mar 28, 2009

Problematic MIC

Again and again MIC leaders are troubling and exploiting Malaysian Indian for their own political purposes. This time, they used a Tamil school in Skudai, Johor Bahru holding their official state meeting on March 8 2009 in the school premise. The meeting even officiated by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister department SK Devamany. AS a deputy minister, he should be aware of the laws and regulations. SHAME ON HIM! Read here- Johor MIC lambasted for using school for politics


Other than the shameful incident, 'computer classes' also held in the school every weekend for MIC members. RM30 charged for per person for the classes by the school administration. SHAME ON YOU MIC AGAIN! Facilities in schools are for students not for MIC members. If even it held in every weekend, the classes suppose to be held for students.

A lot of scandals haunting MIC leaders since decades ago, MAIKA, MIED scandals and Sujatha murder case still fresh in Malaysian Indian's mind. They come up with another case. Do you think Malaysian Indian need such a corrupted, scandalous, problematic MIC leaders? Can these kind of leaders direct them to a better bright future for generations to come?

Actually, MIC get the peoples voice, but they purposely ignoring them. If they refuse to change, Malaysian Indian will completely 'kill' and 'bury' them in the next general election. Just wait and see!

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Satish said...

bro, MIC buried last year ridy ! ;)
but I pissed off la Samy still president. So corrupted the way he won it this year.