Mar 23, 2009

Independent Candidates may Increase the Winning Prospects of Barisan National


Several numbers of independent candidates who come forward to contest in Bukit Selambau by-election make the way tough for Pakatan Rakyat to retain the seat. So far, the independent candidates those vowed to contest mostly their backgrounds are from opposition parties. Probably opposition’s votes are divisible by the candidates.

Let’s do some calculations, if 5 independent candidates contesting, each candidate gained at least 500 votes or more. Just imagine how much it will affect Pakatan Rakyat’s prospect of winning. We can witness the split of more than 2 500 votes.

Days before, Ganeson (former Lunas assemblyman) announced as BN candidate, and then Anwar Ibrahim announced S Manikumar as Pakatan Rakyat representative. Right after that, they are a small group PKR members voiced out dissatisfaction against the PR’s choice, claiming that he is not a ‘local’ candidate. So the independent candidates may take it as another grounds to fight for the seat.

Samy Velu said Ganesan is a worthy candidate while Anwar fielded a new fresh young candidate for the battle. And they will be facing several numbers of independent candidates in Bukit Selambau. Whatever the politicians doing, the decision is in Bukit Selambau voter’s hand. Let’s see what’s going to happen then.


Subhas Chandran.P said...

Hai bro welcome after the break,
as u said wat ever trick they wanted to do’s all up to Bukit Selambau voter`s decision BN people always will have one independent candidate which they have do in Terengganu ..The independent candidate itself cannot make vote for him because he is from Petaling Jaya .... the voter`s must take some example which happened in Perak Government now as the Pakatan Government has wont the place previously I think they have more chances to win and PKR also must ready to face the BN`s usual trick`s.

Ganja Karupe said...

Hi bro. Welcome back. Imagine how many enemies does RPK would have just because of writing the truth.. nevermind, carry on your good job. Regarding the Independents and the split of votes, I dont think so it will effect the polling outcome. Pakatan will be rocking. Nizar,Manikumar n Jawah..If there is miracle, bet you 3 by-elections will be under Pakatan's wrest. Independents will be merely <100 votes each!!!PAKATAN RULES!!

Boss Ketereh said...

very true bro,

these independent candidates are most probably supported by Samy Vellu to ensure MIC's win at Bukit Selambau.

but I'm very sure that people of Bukit Selambau will vote for their best candidate. this time the majority will be larger, believe me.

Boss Ketereh

al-Balingi said...

Salam Reformasi,

Vasan is back, alive and kicking. It's not only Bkt Selambau bro, the other bukit also will be the same. Akim candidate likely to contest in Bkt Gantang.'s democracy country, they are assured by the constitution to do so.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

true bro..

lets back to the people to decide..

Ganja Karupe said...

Change of mind... Sorry. I'm also aware of current development in UMNO and BN which may increase the BN candidates 2win.. Hopefully rakyat can differentiate which is gold and stone.. I'm quite nervous.. Najib.Mahathir, and najib's promise can make people mind to change..thats the main idea of BN now.