Jan 8, 2009

Can We Promise a Bright Future For Our Children? Let See What We Have Achieved in 51 Years…

What we have achieved in 51 years? Malaysian is well known in the eyes of world as one of the fast developing nation. But its citizen still remains poor and need aid from various groups of authorities. New Economic Policy (NEP) has failed to achieve the target for 30% equity despite nearly 40 years of implementation. The Malays economic equity remain at 19% since 1990s.

In fact, the systems and policies failed terribly to help Malays, Chinese, Indians or others. We need new policies to save all Malaysian entirely. The picture below shows that Malaysian still in deteriorating level. Urban poor is another major problem in Malaysia.

Poor grandma with her grandchild, their house will be flooded when it’s raining

Kampong houses

Poor Malay Village

Typical Kampung houses (picture taken during the nomination day of KT by-election)

The picture below is a typical case of urban poor, look at their house condition, these three pictures taken in a house in Sentul. For further info. Read here- Urban poor

In a Malay Kampong

Condition of Indians in Malaysian Plantation Estates

Sidelined Orang Asli (Indigenous people)

We can see poverty everywhere regardless of race and religion. I wonder Vision 2020 is still achievable. We have not much things to proud of. Our economy is in deteriorating condition. Immediate plan needed to save Malaysian especially the younger generation. Gift them a save and comfortable place to live.

They are Malaysian too

Can we fulfill her dream?

We able change his fate?

Any plan to bring them along with us to join mainstream development?

Can we promise them a better future?

Can we promise them a save place to live?


Anonymous said...

"The Malays economic equity remain at 19% since 1990s"

Actually we have very poor mathematicians in Malaysia. With the accelerated growth of the so called bumiputra population for the last 20 years especially from the muslim immigrants, the enormous increase in the number of bumiputras in this country will always exceed the economic growth process attributed to them.

Sarawakian said...

you are correct!
Our children going to be a illegal workers in other nations soon.

Boss Ketereh said...

Mr Vasan
I respect your view on this matter, Malays and non-Malays need a brand new and equal policy to create a comfortable nations to our children to lives on.. NEP not relevant for now and future.

This is not only my wish, this is a wish of all Malaysian.

Keep on the good work!

:Boss Ketereh

Satish said...

I agree with Boss Kereteh.

NEP has only benefited UMNO people.

NEP should be wiped out along with all the unwanted politicians.

Only then I feel Malaysians we'll be able to progress.

Excellent post man.