Jan 10, 2009

Malaysia Blessed with Lots of Natural Resources, Should be Better than Singapore Definitely


Malaysia is a blessed country with much natural resource like rubber, tin, petroleum, fishes and others. Why we are not utilizing them and make benefits of them for the good of society? Sometimes, I would think that why so many youngsters leave Malaysia and go abroad to work. Of course, the most attractive factor is money, living environment and safety. I know that at past our money currency was almost equivalent with Singapore. But looking at our current currency, we are much lower than Singapore, Euro, Australian and others major countries currency.


I'm not a financial expert who has the right comment and analyze on our Malaysia Ringgit performance. I notice that our Ringgit is much decrease in value. Definitely we don't need to be a financial expert to realise that our ringgit's value is decreasing terribly. Look at Singapore, they have limited space or land to develop their economy. They have no choice rather than depend to only several economic fields. At the same time, what’s wrong with Malaysia? We have everything here, but 100,000 of Malaysian working in Singapore today.

We always know how to compare with others countries, but correct me if I am wrong that the comparison made was always with poorer performance countries. I don’t really understand this. Why we don’t want to improve our nation by comparing to the developing and developed countries? We had already achieved independence more than half century years.

Hope our leaders not always feel satisfied with what we have achieved because there is still much room to improve. Learn from Singapore if we wish to become a economic powerhouse in the region.


Syawal said...

Our leaders keep on criticizing the Singaporean leaders without putting effort in own nation!

Common lar Pak Lah!

Satish said...

Ur rite bro.

I think we're lagging behind Singapore mainly for two reasons.

1. Bad management.

2. Race-based policies & not meritocracy.

Rajaram said...

I am very concern of the impact of the entry fee for vehicles entering into Malaysia. The government has been pondering about the imposing of levy on foreign cars, since Dr. Mahathir's Administration.

As a Johorean, I am a frequent users of the causeway, because I am one of the 100,000 Malaysian who work in Singapore and staying in Johor Bahru. I commute daily to and fro Singapore. One may says that RM 20 is affordable to Singaporean, as you may also argue that Singapore is also charging Malaysia's vehicle at S$ 30 initially, and recently revised to S$ 20. Before the cabinet decided on the fee, I hope they will look back why it was not imposed 4 years ago when someone suggested to Dr. Mahathir that we should charge RM 5 for Singapore car entering into Malaysia.

BaldEsH said...

i dont understand why there is a thing called quota in education and almost all the things... why there is no quota in taxes..let bumiputera pay more than us..because they are getting more than us in every aspect...government are only helping them..and dare to tell us keluar from malaysia..use tabung haji money or the zakat money to send bumiputeras abroad...dun use wang rakyat...


Kok said...

Malaysian whose working in Singapore will definitely miss the number of public holidays received in Malaysia.

Yes, I am Malaysian and I miss Malaysia :-(
I enjoy working there because on average, each months you will have 1 or 2 days public holiday, which you cannot ask in Singapore.

Sultan birthday, Awal Muharram, Federal Day, Chinese new year, Hari Raya and so on and so forth will be declares as a holiday. Let’s compare the number here.

In 2008, Singapore only have 11 and Malaysia have 17 (exclude regional holidays) days of holidays.

I envy Malaysian workers. Lazy bum like me shouldn’t go to Singapore and should remain in Malaysia instead.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia? sigh..........

delcapo said...

saw ur vid on People's Parliament.
Drop by to say hello to a fellow bloggerbro

Anonymous said...

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