Jan 12, 2009

Equality Essential for Racial Unity

I refer to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on the news in NST entitled “Racial unity essential for stability.” I think it’s appropriate to say that “Equality essential for Racial Unity.” Think what Malaysian minorities fighting for such a long time. They are struggling for equal rights to be the same as the majority. We can't deny the facts that lots of people and leader and not happy with the policies and systems that favour to only some group of poeple. In fact, the inequality in some policies and systems doesn’t not help the Malays or non-Malays.

Definitely, equality benefits the majority as well, it boosts healthy competition in between races in Malaysia. Malaysians are surviving in the situations of inequality for decades, that’s the main obstacle to achieve racial unity. If we spoon feed everything to some group of people at all the time, so when are they going to learn? When they going to try on their own effort? Undeniably, it will lead to long term effect on racial unity, our economy and other fields too.

The minorities in Malaysian mostly come up in life on their own attempts and struggles. They not received major helps form government in any sector. The same thing does not happen to Malay, so it’s impossible for Malays if failed to climb up the social ladder. Don’t forget the history that when Chinese and Indian come to Malaysia they are poor too. They came here to do businesses, build railways, worked in plantation estates and farming.

I hope my Malay friends understand on this; you must work hard to build up a competent Malaysia. If Malaysia failed in progressing its economy, education, sports, and so on. The blames is on you, you are leading non-Malays from the beginning. Don’t forget that we have been loyal to you for decades. The minority especially Malaysian Indian fought for rights since 25 November 2007, they break the silence only after 50 years of “hard-core” marginalization.

So, no doubt that racial unity is achievable through the equality to all races. Abolish policies and systems that favour to one race to avoid racial discords, structure new policies and systems that benefit all Malaysian regardless of race and religion. Lets we build Malaysia together as Bangsa Malaysia!


Anonymous said...


If you would like to reach out to Malaysians who mostly read and understand Bahasa Malaysia only, I strongly suggest and urge you to write in both English and Bahasa Malaysia for your acticles and comments.

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Kalau kamu ingin menyampaikan article dan comment kamu kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, penting sekali kamu tulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia selain daripada Bahasa English

Satish said...

Well said man.
Sometimes I wonder why it is so hard for the government to accept equal rights...& how some people can be proud to have special rights..just doesn't make sense to me.