Jan 19, 2009

RM90 Fine or Two Days Jail for Student With Serban?


Religious school student Ahmad Nasir Darus, 28, was ordered by the Kota Baru magistrate’s court to serve a two-day jail sentence after he insisted on wearing a turban instead of a crash helmet while riding his motorcycle on the grounds of his religious beliefs. Initially, I get this piece of news from here- Pelajar Pondok Dipenjara 2 Hari kerana Tidak Pakai Helmet

I always notice a lot of Muslims wear serban for Friday prayers in Mosque without wearing helmet. I highlighted this news in my blog because this is the first time I ever heard such case. I don’t know what my Muslim friends have to say about this. Then after all, are police going to fine all the Muslim friends that wear serban instead of helmet when riding motorcycle? How about the Sikhs? They are also having same chances to be fined? For me, its a violation of human religious right.

Just for thoughts…


Anonymous said...

The Sikhs got exemption in 1976 from wearing the helmet, as it was against their religion,this was upheld in Parliment when the helmet rule was passed into law, as they have always worn the turban, from day one, and it is their culture, RELIGION AND custom Recognised all over the world, even in the Malaysian armed forces and POLICE FORCE, they wore the turban when they were fighting the communists in the jungle. It is the risk the sikhs take, but they hold they religion very precious, this was proven by the sikhs who stormed the fronts of german battlements in the SOMME, FRANCE, DURING WORLD WAR 1, THEIR NAMES ARE ENGRAVED ON THE WW1 MEMORIAL at the TUGU KEBANGSAAN MEMORIAL COMPLEX at Jln. Parliment, I hope this answers your question, the sikhs are not 'JOHNY COMEs LATELY' to wear the turban as a fashion statement or a political tool.
I hope this enlightens you.


jonathan ong said...

I think the difference between the Sikh and Muslims is that Sikhs are required to wear a turban whereas turbans (correct me if I am wrong my Muslim friends) are not compulsory for Muslims. That's why the Sikhs, I believe, would not face a problem.

Anonymous said...

i really agree with u manjit. Our human nature if one get convicted, he will point on others for comparison rather then pointing facts and base to stand on.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

Yes Manjit,
Thanks for the info..
I realy don't know that such law exist in Malaysia...