Jun 18, 2008

Another Member in Pakatan Rakyat (PR)...???

Just few months after12th general election, Parti sosialis Malaysia (Socialist Party of Malaysia, PSM) has given approval from the government. The green light has obtained by PSM after battle of a decade. Home Minister made decision to register the organization as a legal political party. Before this PSM’s candidate contested in elections in the ticket of other party politics such as PKR and DAP. Some even made their debut as independent candidate. So far, they haven’t make any decision to join Pakatan Rakyat(PR).

PSM was an organization in Malaysia that denied registration as a political party by the Federal Government of Malaysia. The reason given by the government is that PSM is a threat to national security. Although the Court of Appeal dismissed the national security argument on 16 August 2006, which the court felt was a bad reason; it upheld another reason to deny PSM the right to be registered. This was that the party did not comply with a seven state regulation. PSM has filed an appeal against the Court of Appeal decision to the Federal Court.

I hope it come forward to join Pakatan Rakyat (PR) towards two party systems (BN-PR). The system that I mean is two-coalition system, which allows voters to choose between two viable parties. The system will allow for shaping a new democracy in Malaysia follow the foot step of few countries namely India, Britain, the United States and Canada.

Lastly, I would like to congrats them on their success to be a legal political party in Malaysia.

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