Sep 15, 2008

Honour Him With National Jersey!


Titus James Palani is a footballer origin from Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur. He currently is a midfielder for FC Villenoy in France. In early 1999, his name has been a hot topic for fans in Malaysia when he was chosen by the Union Sportis Quevilliase selection (USQ), which is in collaboration with Le Havre AC's football academy. In May 2000, there was good news for Tito and his family, the Le Havre AC coaching panel was attracted by her performance.

He left Malaysia in order to satisfy his ambition to be a successful footballer. In France, lives in Rouen, Francis Herbert, the finder of talent that has been responsible for its management and the club and his wife, Slyvaine Wairin, which became the family of Tito adopted in France. Two years later, Tito moved with his mother adopted Slyvaine Wairin in Meaux, about 20 km from Paris, and joined Villenoy FC. Tito started with Villenoy FC Under-18 team before graduating in the senior side in 2007. He is the captain of the team and the club is currently third of the 15-team league.

The attacker was also playing as the midfielder become team's top scorer with 16 goals with the Under-18 side Villenoy four seasons ago. He helped the team finish fifth in the 12 team league in Paris. Villenoy were also FA Cup runners-up to Vaire. Since May 2007, he has tried to get a place in Ligue 1, where the selections are kept open. After 7 years playing football in France, his goal is to play in Ligue 1. It 'been asked his coach and Villenoy FC to convince the Ligue 1 club of his talent. His main desire is to play for Paris St Germain (PSG).

Titus James has been called to attend centralized training with the national Under-23 soccer team Korat SEA Games in December 2007. National soccer coach B. Sathianathan said to Tito of his plans to include 20 years in the Games team and, if all goes well, the player will be at home in June 2007 for training camp. He said Tito is ready to answer the call-up, but must first know its engagement with the French Third Division club Villenoy FC in Meaux. Sadly Tito failed to impress Sathia and his name left out from the Korat squad. Former national coach Bertalan Bicskei had also called for Tito evidence for the SEA Games in Manila in 2005, but then was only 18 and was eliminated. In July 2008 again Malaysian press managed to pressure Malaysia national coach, B. Sathianathan to call Titus back to play for exhibition match against Chelsea. But sadly he did not make it again.

Now at the age of 22, I believe Titus James ready to carry national flag and put Malaysia soccer in the place it should be. Give him another chance to prove that he able to make it!


Anonymous said...

Hope to see Titus in Malaysia's jersey one day

D Suren said...

Once he was my budak, but now he is playing in France.
mmm.. great Titus.
well done
God bless him..

vasantarao appalasamy said...

@Anonymous - yes.. a lot of Malaysian hope so..

@d suren - hahaha... good bro.. ur budak now in higher level.. u mus proud of him.

Saran said...

Got very interested with Titus James. wow he got a very good achievement in soccer in France..
Well done boy..
At last one star is shining so brightly out of malaysia while OTHER country appreciate him WELL.

Ravindran Kalaiyamuthan said...

Dear Vasanthan,

Thanks for helping kalaiyamuthan when he was admitted in HSA,JB two weeks ago. May god bless u and ur family. We owe u a very big thanks. Hope to see u when we drop by in JB soon. Take care of Kalai as ur brother and others as well.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

@Uncle Ravindran Kalaiyamuthan - no problem uncle.. i will take care of him as my own brother...

SangKunang said...

hope to see him with our yellow jersey in aff/suzuki cup 2008...
perform well and put CV for giant france club soon...
malaysia boleh