Oct 29, 2008

Are You Following Global Market Price?

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said that the minimum price of petrol should be RM1.92 per litre even if the global oil price continues to fall. This is despite their earlier pledge in August to strictly follow market price with 0.30 cents subsidy per litre.

Government has promised in August that it will update the fuel price according to world price. Government fixed the price at a minimum of RM 1.92 and maximum of RM 2.70. The decision is unacceptable, is there any logic you need to fix the minimum price? That means even the price in world market dropped at the lowest rate; you will be maintain the price at RM 1.92? Malaysians are suffering with rising living cost due to the fuel price, hope government to revise their decision to fix the 'minimum' price to reduce the peoples burden.

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