Jan 28, 2009

Kugan's Death is a Racial Issue!


I refer to Devamany's statement: "Don't turn Kugan's death into a racial issue" in malaysiakini. I hope SK Devamany look at the statistics once again before release such statement. SK Devamany made a irrelevant statement, he should refer and read Malaysian Indian Minorioty and Human Rights Violations Annual Report 2008.

SK Devamany is trying to cover up Kugan's issue, he is indirectly denying that MIC is not responsible for Kugan's death and previously reported 80 cases as well. As a leader he is incapable to solve Malaysian Indian's issue just like other MIC leaders. Pakatan's Indian MPs striving very hard to help Kugan to get justice, but he is good for nothing and only able to blame others. In this case I'm not intend to support any party politics but I would like to praise Pakatan leaders for their sincerity in upholding Malaysians rights and justice.

After more than half century of Independent, Malaysians are tired and frustrated with such politician. We Malaysian don't care whether its a racial issue or non-racial issue, the question is how you going to solve the conflict? I would like to state again that there are 90% of the deaths in police and prison custody victims are Indians although their population not more than 10 %. What else need to prove you that its a racial issue?

Try to contribute at least something to your representing race, don't only know to blame others. If you are claiming that some people are politicizing Kugan's issue. Then why you let it? Whose mistake is that? If it's not a racial issue, then why the highest number of death in custody are Malaysian Indian?

Dear MIC leaders, If UMNO received enough pressure from you, the continues marginalization and intimidation on Malaysian Indian would not happened. They are not respecting Malaysian Indian at all, but you are still supporting them, you are loyal to them in whatever condition. Look at your Chinese partner from MCA and Gerakan, there are much more respectable than you because UMNO received enough pressure from them, thats why Chinese are less tortured and well protected in Malaysia. You are responsible for all brutalities that UMNO have done on Malaysian Indian!


Anonymous said...

what do you mean by saying malaysian indian are pressure by UMNO..there is nothing concern about that..the indian are pressured by themself..cause they are the one that involve in too much crime..

Anonymous said...

Mr Devamani..Have you even been in a Police lockup before?Maybe you should so that you can experience the 'marvellous experience'.

Not a racial issue?Common uncle,wake up la..How come its only Indians dying in Police custody or missing?Why we dont hear Mat Rempits dead in Police Custody?Why we dont see any illegal betting agent dead in Police custody?

Anyway,this people have got nothing to lose because if late Kugan was his own flesh & blood then he will know how it feels.
This is a racial issue.Otherwise we will not see Indians suffering so much while in Police custody.

All those Indians who are planning or doing ANY illegal things.Please stop it at once because this dogs(PDRM) will kill you just to get a statement.So,NOT a racial issue?My FOOT!!

Malaysian in Japan said...

Bloudy beggar devamany!!! its the fault of people who elected you as a representative of indians. If i were at your place, sure i will spit on ur face!! idiot fellow, MIC only knows how to hold UMNO's penis and testis. Thats what ur a good for, because at the end u all will benefit. Indian community are the one which suffers!! Try to ask manikavasagem, gobind singh and even tok guru nik aziz for their urine, then try to drink it. maybe then u will have the eagerness to help and fight for fellow beloved indians. I curse u to loose in next GE. I would rather have pakatan and hindraf as only platform for indians. NOT MIC!!!! Vazhga Makkal Sakthy!!

bmahendran said...

this is not a racial issue. a malaysian died in police custody.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

Mr BMahendran you are another SK Devanamy indeed....

how bout this? - there are 90% of the deaths in police and prison custody victims are Indians although their population not more than 10 %

Anonymous said...

As much as it is an issue of race and the system, many indians need to also ponder as to why so many of them are involved in crimes. The govt is to be blamed to a great extent but it is time for indian groups and association to pool their resources and do something about it themselves. They can also pressure the govt to help out but not to expect much. Many indian youths need counselling , training, education and motivation classes.This is true,especially of those who migrated from the estates to the cities in large numbers without proper education and skills during the late eighties to late
nineties. Knowing the dire situation, all these things
have to be taken to them and not the other way round.I, for one feel the indian community needs to focus on these issue as well as fighting an injustice system.

Anonymous said...

dear bmahendran,
if you say that its a Msian died in Police Custody
then why I dont see other suspects of other races
being tortured & killed?I would totally agree with Vasan
on this.If you dont trust just ask around on those who have
been to a Police lock up.Even if late Kugan was responsible for
those crime but he did not deserve to be treated.I am not supporting
any sides here.I'm neither blaming this on MIC nor represent any party myself here.I am talking as an Indian & would again say indian convicts
are always a victim of police brutality.

Anonymous said...


Boss Ketereh said...

yes, its a racial issue cos majority death in custody are Indians.

Malays and Chinese not effected at all, everything you Indians must do now is boycott MIC fully

Boss Ketereh