May 26, 2009 helping Malaysians to overcome the "Growing Culture of Fear"

The image of Malaysia is of a country with a superior economic and financial infrastructure but things aren't so good when it comes to human rights and press freedoms, the mainstream media still can't criticise the government directly. Luckily miles away from Kuala Lumpur's centre, there is a narrow lane which leads to a corner building. This is where Malaysia's independent online newspaper Malaysiakini is housed.

The site is known for publishing stories, breaking news, updates and much more which are quite critical and not really touched by the state media. For instance, human rights violations or abuses by the state and the police. The country's first online news journal was launched in late 1999 when the long-time ruler Mahatir Mohammad, known for his autocratic style, was still in power. And now is the nations most famous online media.

Amid the tight restrictions on print and broadcast media, the online media now have a perfect chance to expand in Malaysia. Masses of online sites and blogs have cropped up in recent years and have fast become an alternative source of news and opinion. But many of them which are too critical come under constant fire from the government. It accuses them of spreading lies and has threatened them with harsh penalties and tighter controls. For being too outspoken, Raja Petra and several other bloggers bullied by the government repeatedly through courts and detentions. is assisting Malaysians in creating a better Malaysia without racialist policies, religious bigotry, corrupt practices concealed and incompetent governance. My hope for is that it will continues its struggle to deliver true facts and news like now forever for Malaysians.



Esywara said...

well Vasan..
this was the first commentary that i ever came across that acknowledged Malaysiakini and its contributions....


malaysiakini is the pioneer medium that represents the truth as it is ; not just releasing ground breaking, or attention grabbing news; that had portrayed a good moral excellence which should be a continuous trait to be adopted by many other mainstream media.

de minimis said...

Malaysiakini is NO 1 news side in Malaysia!

thank you Malaysiakini for giving Malaysians true facts!