May 18, 2009

Thanenthiran is Making a Brainless Move, No Way for Racial Politics...


While Malaysia is moving forward with wonderful and ideal political arena, there are some people who still stand with their racial politics ideology. It’s a dumb move indeed to polarize Malaysian into their ethnicity. Since Thanenthiran expelled from the HINDRAF organization last month by chairman Waythamoorthy, he decided to form a new ethnic Indian based political party. Read here- Breakaway Hindraf group forms new party

I hope Malaysian Indian will not moving backward by supporting this Thanenthiran’s dumb move. Last year, in the 12th General Election, Malaysians defied common stereotypes in casting their votes. Malays voted for the Democratic Action Party (DAP); non-Malays, voted for PAS. Parti Keadilan Rakyat, long upheld as yet another in a long-line of Malay-inclusive multiracial parties that were sure to fail, became the second-largest party in Parliament. Many commentators trumpeted the beginning of the end for racial politics in Malaysia. It was clear from the results of the last general election that voters did not like racial politics.


Even the biggest Malaysian Islamic based party like PAS are now very open with their struggle for the multi-ethnic and multi-religion society. They are planning to open up memberships to the Non-Muslim community, which consist around 40% of the nation’s population. From the move, we know racial politics are irrelevant for the future Malaysia.

So what’s wrong with Thanenthiran? Is he thinking that Malaysian Indians are going to support a groundless struggle? Thanenthiran is misusing the religion and racial issues and sentiments into politics to gain support. The racial politics should have been abolished and only multiracial party politics allowed to work on in local politics arena. It’s important to stay on track in order to unite the Malaysian under one umbrella.

Its nothing wrong to say that Thanenthiran is the agent of MIC that trying to spoil the noble struggle of HINDRAF to the betterment of Malaysian Indian community. There will be no supports for his new party named as Malaysian Makkal Sakthi Party (MMSP). Shame of him, he got no own idea, he steal the HINDRAF’s ideology. But it’s nothing new for Malaysian Indian, they are tired of seeing this kind of parties that formed with full of empty promises that yet to be fulfilled. Let me tell you that MIC, PPP, IPF, MIUP already cheats and now MMSP is wearing a new mask to fool the Malaysian Indian.

As a HINDRAF loyalist, I have been jailed more than two weeks at the age of 19 during 25 November 2007 rally. I'm understand the struggle of HINDRAF. I think HINDRAF movement must remain as a Non-Government Organization (NGO), must not involve into politics directly. For now, may be HINDRAF’s role significant, but for future HINDRAF’s struggle not relevant since we are moving towards a Malaysia for all Malaysian concept.


Shahrum said...

Malaysia is a multi racial country with a population of 26 million comprising Bumiputeras 66 % (consisting of Malays, Orang Asli, Sabahans and Sarawakians), Chinese 26 % and Indians 8 %. Despite the fact that since independence in 1957, the country is being ruled by a coalition of political parties of the three main races, racial politics has prevailed in this country till date. Periodic efforts by the leadership to forge a Malaysian identity has been thwarted by the Malays in UMNO (United Malays National Organisation) – the predominant party in the coalition. In the last UMNO Annual General Assembly meeting held in November 2006, some members by their fiery speeches whipped up the racial sentiments of Malays much to the chagrin of the other races. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had admitted in a recent meeting that race relations in Malaysia are “fragile” and described the worsening relationship between the Muslim Malays and the minority ethnic Chinese and Indian communities as a “disease” which must be tackled openly

de minimis said...

Root causes of racial politics in Malaysia
The Malaysian Insider's op-ed piece on Najib's inaugural Cabinet meeting ended with this paragraph:

After chairing the Cabinet meeting, Najib met senior editors of the mainstream media. He was expected to tell them to focus on bringing Malaysians of different races together, instead of highlighting differences.

The best way to ensure that the media focuses on uniting Malaysians instead of dividing them on ethnic differences is to stop all politicians from speaking about one race or another.

If a journalist asks a politician about the impact that one ethnic group has over the outcome of a by-election, that politician should be circumspect and judicious about giving a holistic appraisal of the issues that influenced the electorate.

On the other hand, if that politician dives into ethnic issues and wallow in frustration over perceived levels of gratitude or, the lack of it, then it is obvious that it is the politician who is harping on the ethnic divide when the rest of Malaysia is quite ready to move on.

So, to all politicians, be you in BN or Pakatan or any other party or Independent, to paraphrase JFK: Ask not what the media can do to stop ethnic talk, ask what you can do to stop the ethnic talk yourself.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, The fault, dear politicians, is not in the media stars, but in yourselves if you are prone to raise ethnic issues.

My proposition is that politicians are the root of all racial evil in Malaysia.

jonathan ong said...

I believe, forming a new racially based party does not help the Indian community and Malaysia as a whole. It is no different to Barisan Nasional then, who the majority of Malaysians believe its racial policies are the nation's biggest undoing.

evilprince said...

Another foolish attempt.However,I'm sure there will be people backing him up.As Vasan said join club with IPF,MIC & others as well..

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Malaysians must realise that for our country to succeed and our region (SEA) to develop; racial polarisation must end. I'm a Malaysian of indian descent; I identify myself as being a Malaysian; not an Indian no matter where I am. Being Malaysian of non-malay descent does not mean that you have to relinquish traditional cultures associated with your particular ethnic background.

Being Malaysian simply means that you integrate well into Malaysian society and don't judge another by his/her skin colour. I'm perfectly fine with stereotypes for they are a good laugh at times-even among friends of a mixture of ethnicities! I've friends from a multitude of colours and cultures whom I treat as my very own brothers.

UMNO, MCA, MIC and Hindraf as well as other race-based organisations must realise that it is ethically wrong to promote the well being of one ethnicity and neglect the others. Such an attitude will only result in a failure of Malaysians being able to work together for a common good.

Older generations may stress far too much on our differences rather than our similarities. It is up to us; the younger generation of Malaysia to promote a non-discriminatory attitude when it comes to being united and friendly with each other.

Being overseas to further my education allows me to look at Malaysia from a different point of view: one that offers views of how our society is so wonderfully heterogeneous (especially so when compared to the UK- one that I always brag about around my British mates!).

Please Malaysians, do show your support for a united Malaysia by not voting for race-based political parties. This would be the ideal first step for creating the true 1Malaysia. Peace.

P.S: Stay away from corruption. It destroys nations and crashes society.

Pabitra said...

(Totally agreeing with Jonathan Ong)
Forming a new indian-only-political party is not going to help neither Indians nor Malaysians.What is more important here is that Malaysians seriously need to unite together to build a better Malaysia.