Jun 22, 2009

Johor-Singapore Third Link is a Total Waste


It’s not the right time to build the third link to Singapore. Before build the bridge, Najib should rebuild the stadium that collapsed in Terengganu and settle the 12 billion PKFZ incoming debts. I hope he is not an irrational and irresponsible leader who led our nation to bankruptcy.

Najib should forget about Johor-Singapore third link plan, he should be wiser in making decision since we are facing massive economic crisis that testing our daily life a lot.


Johan said...

Singapore is jumping on the idea because it wants to make sure that the Straits of Johore remained shallow, dirty and inaccesible to huge vessels.

Singapore is very worried that its ports faciliies on the other side of the island will be closed if all the ships pass through the straits. Malaysia has already standby with the Port of Tanjung Pelepas for this kind of scenario.

If Najib really agree with Singapore then it is going to be another stupid mishap in our history.

First is the mistake of giving independence to Singapore. Malaysia should have given Singapore the autonomy just like Hong Kong SAR.

Secondly is the raw water supply agreement that cannot be revoked until the end of time. The worse thing is Malaysia being so stupid and in the end had to buy back the treated water from Singapore.

Thirdly is losing the Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore by stupidly using Singapore's evidence to counter argue the case. This is blatant stupidity. If Malaysia had not brought the case to the ICJ knowing we lack supporting evidence, then Malaysia should have just agree to lease the Island to Singapore, collect the money and retain the sovereignty over the island, pump out all the oil, kill the dog and then pull out.

This Iskandar is the fourth mishap and the bridge could stripped us of any advantage that we have in dealing with Singapore. Najib thinks he is clever! He has made so many blunders and still not thinking wisely in the long term with proper vision.

Shahrum said...

The toll rates at the Causeway are between RM1.40 and RM6.10 on the Malaysian side and between S$0.60 (RM1.38) and S$2.60 (RM6) on the Singapore side.

On the second link, the rates are RM1.60 to RM48.90 on the Malaysian side and S$0.70(RM1.60) to S$21(RM48.30).

so where is the sum of money when hundred thousands of vehicles using the bridge everyday...?

vasantarao appalasamy said...

biasalah Shahrum Malaysia Boleh wat!

Singaporean said...

connect changi and pasir ris to east side of malaysia , kampung pengarang is not practical as the bridge is 10 km long,
unless A JIB only care abt build and pocket only .
dun care whether the bridge can be completed or not.

across pungol to pasir gudang is the best choice( shortest distance) , but
JB side will complain that the pasir gudang port cannot be used and blamed spore in the future . JB also will not closed pasir gudang as its like admit their mistake that pasir gudang is at wrong location.

senoko ( chong pang ) to JB is second best choice as it is too near to the existing causeway. defit the purpose of develop eastern side of JB .

Satish said...

I still remember 2nd finance minister Datuk Mohamed Yaakcop telling, 'Malaysia wont hit recession, all ok only'.

Now what has he got to say I wonder.

Anonymous said...

I always marvel at the geographical advantage of Malaysia, their natural resources, which are safe from natural disasters.. beautiful mountains and beaches, It's something that We (Singaporeans) are so envious. The only lacking is the necessary foresight of leaders in the country, to lead and to rule without personal agendas and gain, the people suffers as a result of wavering policies that gives a shrudder even to foreigners, let alone Malaysians. I hope that things will change for Malaysia and Malaysians.

Singapore and Malaysia used to be together as a nation, things have changed since Independence, Singapore is left with herself to fend for. We have to survive all forms of threats with regards to shortage of resoures, we have no choice, if one is to live in Singapore, one can understand how dependent we are to external supply and demand, like sand and water.

Let's move forward from here and with every policies that helps to bring better lives and improves job opportunities and survival, applause, or else snub it.

I personally believe the third bridge as a good move to revive Johor, but the saying is right, settle the current issues of the causeway and seconf link, cut down crime rates in JB and talk about the third bridge thereafter.

Ulysses Wong said...

I dont mind Singapore join back malaysia and give singapore autonomy.

Singapore is too small to survive, I believe if the 2 government can work together in such a common goal. I believe Malaysia will Shine and Singapore will always act us a autonomy state to make Malaysia shine.