Aug 4, 2009

'Animal' style investigation in Malaysia?

This video shows Malay speaking policemen assaulting a unknown man. After watching this video, the responsible authorities may say this is not Malaysian police. But where else in the world their national language is Malay other than Malaysia? Only Malaysians speaking Malay, am I right? May be Singapore? But I believe they wont do such actions against a detainee. This 'animal' style investigation are not a proper way during inquiry. Why human nowadays got no heart? If the person was wrong, let court to punish him, why torturing him like this? BINATANG!

Watch this video:


Satish said...

Those people should be given a taste of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

Although I am frustrated n angered by the death of our fellow citizen Teoh Beng Hock's death but I don't think it is good to post false information just to satisfy the urge to condemn the MACC.

We all know how the system in our country works. Let's hope there will be changes soon.