Aug 31, 2009

Malaysia at 52: "1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now."?

"1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now."? '1Malaysia' are parroted in the various media channel like a new shape of Malaysia. It seems like PM Mr Najib admit that the previous premierships were divided into ‘several Malaysia’. In fact, I heard about his ‘1Malaysia’, but I don't really get what's the true meaning of '1Malaysia'. All I understand is, I am born in this land and this is my home. Having born after the country's Independence, I do have a hard time struggling with the true meaning of Merdeka. And for me Merdeka is all about democracy and liberty.

Can a nation with mounting racism, slanders, violence, deceptions, autocracies, corruptions, abuse of power, silencing dissent, fear of the people, politicians hunger for power, political persecutions everywhere accepted as truly Merdeka state? Despite the 1Malaysia concept emphasised by our new premier, multiracial Malaysians still being ‘divide and rule’. Racial politics and race-based organisations still championing for their own ethnic and definitely not for '1Malaysia'. Nothing had been change since colonial British left Malaya 52 years ago.

The Shah Alam sec 23 Hindu temple relocation protest, Kampung Buah Pala fiasco, Teoh Beng Hock’s ‘murder’, Perak constitution Crisis, custody deaths, money politics and much more shameful incidents haunting Malaysia at its 52. Are we truly Merdeka then? What are the differences between colonisers (British, Japanese, Portuguese and etc) and local leaders if all of them never respect freedom, justice, truth and people’s welfare?

And for those racialist idiots, let me tell you that I am born in this land, I am a Malaysian and I am Bumiputera even if I am not a Malay or descendant of a Native. So I have the equal rights in Malaysia!




Anonymous said...

bro....dun u hit wrong meaning with "Bumiputera"...better u find the true philosophy of it...."bumiputera" is not a simple word to play, u cant discuss it publicly. It is in our law. If u claim u r Malaysian, u must obey it rite?,arrange ur word carefully fren, u r now under inspection. I worry u will go into ISA shortly. Still got time to recorrect ur word. U still young n can do many things in ur life. I juz advising u not blaming u. Luv ur nation with ur lovely word dude. happy independence day.

vasantarao appalasamy said...

thanks for ur advice....