Sep 29, 2009


Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDP) is one of the few elected monarchs in the world. Malaysia is constitutional monarchy with an elected monarch as head of state. Constitutional monarchy is a form of government in which a monarch acts as head of state whose powers are defined by the parameters of a written or unwritten constitution. Yang di-Pertuan Agong should always maintain neutrality in politics.

In Malaysia, people believe that ruler is always above politics, somehow recent incidents shows Yang di-Pertuan's Agong's intervention in politics. Sometimes a ruler could not act fairly if 'he' is politically motivated. This is not good for a nation and also the institution. I know that I'm just an ordinary people to say this, but my wish is to see my beloved nation always peace under Yang di-Pertuan Agong rule.



joshua said...

The rulers are only symbols.

The era of monarchy is over.

2Lt Peh Hoo Guan said...

Just see how powerful the Thai king is!!! u could be jailed for 15 yrs for insulting the King. and His Royal Highness gave his consent for the coup d' etat to be carried our by the military to overthrow the corrupt Thaksin.

It's very much different with the royal in Malaysia here. Thre's even conflict between the Neg. 9 and Johor Royal family.

Anyway i'm not condeming the Monarch, the Monarch is not only raja-raja melayu which is the symbol of islam and malay. but most importantly, the Monarch is the symbol of the Sovereign of our nation.

As a Peranakan Chinese of Kelantan, the monarch, to be more specific, The Royal of Kelantan is very significant.the ancstors of Peranakan Kelantan migrate from china to this tanah melayu even before the arrival of Brits and they make a vow to b loyal to the Sultan of Kelantan that time for giving them lands where they can live and farmed.

Anyway, what i want to say here is, regardless of what ethnic we are, we should b loyal to our Monarch. But then,i wish that our monarch to be more powerful as the Thai King to intervene should there are chaos for the sake of our nation n people but at the same time remain Adil dan Saksama and neutral on political stance.

Raja adil, raya disembah ; Raja zalim, Raja disanggah

Daulat Tuanku!