Oct 12, 2009

I can smell racism everywhere, so when we going to unite?

Racism haunts us very much after more than half century of Independence. Over the 50 years, We Malay, Chinese and Indian have shed our blood, tear and sweat to build up this nation. We have sacrifice a lot for the cause of unity, integrity and progress. Why until today there are no successes for these struggles?

Sincerely, I ask this question not to belittle our achievements, but to inspire us to greater effort. I ask not to make us feel dispirited, but to enthuse us to march forward to achieve the unity through Bangsa Malaysia concept. Today, when we look back, we can say with dissatisfaction that we are blindly moving forward in the wrong direction. We have been slow in taking some steps, especially when unity is the matter. We have failed to battle against racism especially when position, economic, education, sports and other main fields are the subjects.

Bangsa Malaysia must be in every Malaysian citizen’s mind. We must fritter away our time on minor issues and pointless personal dissimilarities. All political parties and NGO leaders must stop divide people along racial lines and threat every citizen fairly without discrimination or intimidation. Our strength is in our unity, despite our diversity. We can’t deny the fact that unity gave us our Independence that today we are enjoying and the strength of a nation that we can be proud of.

I can smell racism everywhere. Let’s throw away this ‘third class’ mentality. Let’s unite to build our nation for our future generation. Every citizen of Malaysia must feel proud to say - I'm a Malaysian! Can we start it from today?

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