Nov 17, 2009

Samy Vellu and MIC

After being the MIC President and sole Malaysian Indian Minister for close to three decades, he had fully absorbed the anger and frustration of the Malaysian Indians at the MIC failure to check the marginalization of the Malaysian Indians by accepting full personal responsibility. But he is still in the MIC top post after winning the party election months ago. A salute to all MIC members for honoring him the top post again and again. I think the MIC members still need his 'contribution' to destroy remaining Indian community in Malaysia.

Samy stated in a press before election that if he wins the party presidential elections then, it will be his last term and he will retire from active politics in 2012. Lets see what's going to happen then. Samy joined the party in 1959 and became the Youth Chief in 1971 before becoming the vice-president in 1975. He took up the acting party president in 1979 after the death of Tan Sri V Manickavasagam. He then got elected to the top post in 1981, which he held on until today.


The very fact that Samy Vellu lost his seat in Sungai Siput to Dr Jeyakumar was evidence that people had rejected him totally, he should just accept the fact that he has overstayed in the politics. The message was further amplified when he never got a "Tun" from Yang Dipertuan Agong but Gerakan’s advisor deserve it. It’s another obvious signal that Samy Vellu’s 'highly praised contribution' to the society was not recognised although he stayed for 30 years in cabinet.

Samy vellu also involved in Maika scandal which 66,000 Maika shareholder’s RM120 million Telekom shares hijacked, where nine of ten million Telekom shares allocated to Maika were diverted to three private companies. So he better escape quietly before Malaysian Indian seriously start investigating and reveal all the scandals that he did. Don't forget that the latest MiED scandal that exposed by Chitrakala was another blow to him.


Hope he leaves the post and let younger members to lead MIC professionally and efficiently. He will do it if he really cares about Malaysian Indian! And the most important thing is MIC itself not relevant for future Malaysia, beacause Malaysians are firmly rejecting race based politics!


Anonymous said...

few years ago, how could the ACA say there was nothing wrong in diverting profits from Maika to obscure companies with no established record? What were the facts that supported the ACA conclusion? Without going through all the facts discovered by the ACA it is not easy to see how it reached its conclusion.

If the report remains only for the eyes of the selected few, the credibility of the ACA will be affected. The agency must make public the reasons for its conclusion, or risk its acronym (ACA) being widely perceived as standing for something quite the opposite.

Osman said...

Nothing surprises us anymore about Semi Value. Semi Value remains invincible no matter how much revelation, proof or witnesses to his corrupt activities.

Same goes to Najib, Badawi, Mahathir, Khir Toyo ... the list goes on and on and on. Just name whoever you want from BN ... corrupted fellas to the tune of millions and billions of ringgit.

We need to kick them out of power. Then, only then, we can bring all the bloody corrupted politicians to justice. Think and vote wisely.

Doktor Biasa Kawan TED said...

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