Dec 17, 2009

Islamic or Secular?

Tunku Abdul Rahman upheld the independence social contract of a secular Malaysia with Islam as its official religion. On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Abdul Rahman stated in the The Star newspaper of 9 February 1983 that the "country has a multi-racial population with various beliefs. Malaysia must continue as a secular State with Islam as the official religion."

In the same issue of The Star, Abdul Rahman was supported by the third Malaysian Prime Minister, Hussein Onn, who stated that the "nation can still be functional as a secular state with Islam as the official religion.
Just compare Malaysia with Indonesia and India. Indonesia with its 80 percent Muslim population is committed to secular, plural polity embracing its Christian, Hindu and Buddhist minorities. While India is not a Hindu Nation although has significant majority Hindus. 80.5% or 800 million of Hindus are currently in India. Some local politicians are calling Malaysia as “Islamic Nation” with only almost 60% of Muslim around. So is it logic and acceptable?

I have a question for our Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak! What's your stand on this? Malaysia is an Islamic or secular nation?


Jinaidi said...

Over the last century, there has been a strong tradition of secularism in Turkey. The Republic of Turkey is a secular state since 1937 under the Kemalist ideology and Atatürk's reforms.

Although an overwhelming majority of the population, at least nominally, adheres to Islam, the state neither has an official religion nor promotes any, and it actively monitors ("active neutrality") the area between the religions.

The practice of Turkish Laïcité, established around the concept of "public reason", claims that activities falling outside of the private sphere should be secular.

DEVA said...

Secular states with majority Muslim populations


* Burkina Faso
* Chad
* Gambia
* Guinea
* Mali
* Senegal
* Somalia


* Kazakhstan
* Kyrgystan
* Tajikstan
* Turkmenistan
* Uzbekistan


* Albania
* Azerbaijan
* Bosnia and Herzegovina
* Kosovo
* Turkey

Dr Azian said...

the UMNO and PAS politicians always pushing for Islamic nation!

This is not only denial of the fundamental citizenship rights of non-Muslim Malaysians but also of Muslim Malaysians the majority of whom would want Malaysia to steer away from extremist Islamist policies as practiced under the first three Prime Ministers of the country.

Najib has come out with the declaration that Malaysia is not a secular but an Islamic State, at a time when he faces great personal and political vulnerabilities, with many questions about his integrity and leadership swirling in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

For two decades, the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) government invested enormous public resources in building up a network of Islamic institutions.

The government's initial intention was to deflect radical demands for an extreme version of Islamic governance. Over time, however, the effort to out-do its critics led the UMNO to over-Islamicise the state.

2Lt Peh Hoo Guan said...

Well, a secular nation doesn't mean that a nation where the citizens are prohibited from religion practices. Most of the time, I always heard of Muslims for fearing of secular nation for prohibiting Islamic practice and claimes that this will make Muslim to divert from the teaching.

What I think of secular nation is, the nation doesn't skew on just 1 religion but gives freedom to the citizens to practice their own religious activities. The problem of making a nation Islam, Buddhist, Hindu or Christian country is the policy will be a bit unfair towards those of other religious group and this might also lead to extremism hence might lead to disunity among the citizens with different believe.

devilmozart said...

korg g blaja sejarah balik...abis kalo msia ni ngra islam ape mslh korg?!ak kteorg yg islam nie PAKSA korg masuk islam...jangan jd bodoh ar

Anonymous said...

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Cikgu Muzamil..

sejarah membuktikan bahawa negara kita adalah negara sekular... saya rasa anda yang buta sejarah...

siapa kata tidak ada paksaan dalam Islam di Malaysia? cuba anda lihat di sini-

dan sini-

Ibrahim said...

devil mozart buta sejarah! memalukan Melayu sahaja

Arivananthan Marimuthu said...

Islam is the way of life like any other religion. I don't understand why these unethical politicians use Islam as a weapon to continue to stay in power. By saying this is an islamic state, Najib has failed to realise that he's going against our constitution. One hand he's talking about One Malaysia. On the other hand, he's giving out this kind of statement. A very confusing and complicated politician. Is this what he meant by One Malaysia? Sidelined all vernacular languages and religion of minority? This so not right.

devilmozart said...

hello brader islam xpernah memaksa k...n vasan kes yg ko "tulis" tu bkn menunjukan islam memakse k...if dont about islam dont ever talk about it...islam merupakan agama yg mahu penganutnye setia...kalo dah percaya ALLAh itu wujud tak perlu ar kuar dr islam...sesiapa yg kuar dr islam dipanggil for dis word...jgn berlagak pandai ibrahim...ak rse ko yg MEMALUKAN MELAYU


Islam tidak pernah memaksa.. itu benar..
tetapi hanya umat Islam yang memaksa!! pelik kan? malu lah sikit! kebanyakkan Umat Islam tidak mengikut ajaran mereka dengan betul, ini menyebabkan orang bukan Islam memandang serong terhadap Islam itu sendiri...

devilmozart said...

then u try to say that agama laen bgus ar...mmg umat islam xmelakukan ape yg di suruh oleh ajarannyer tp bkn KESEMUANYA...dan selaku org yg ad PEGANGAN AGAMA tidak perlu kita membuat tuduhan dan FITNAH terhadap agama dan umatnya TANPA MEMAHAMI dan BELAJAR mengenai AGAMA itu sendiri...dalam kes yg cube ko "TULIS" |lina joy dll| mereka nie telah mempermainkan ISLAM OK!!!sekiranya seseorg itu nak mahu ISLAM die perlu faham betul2 mengenai ISLAM jangan masuk sebab cinta n laen2...then biler gaduh cerai dh convert balik...ape igt ISLAM xde maruah ker?! boleh kuar masuk sesuka hati jer?!jadi kesimpulan nya jangan hanya nak SALAHKAN AGAMA ISLAM DAN UMATNYA...selidik dulu betul-betul kes tu...dan utk kes MALAYSIA pulak...dh terbukti dalam sejarah msia ni mmg ngara islam dan membenarkan agama laen dianuti...dis mybe soung racist but think about it wisely k...mula2 nk 1MALAYSIA tanpa melayu cina india dll...ok bley trima lagi...then lepas ni nk satu agama pulak..xde islam xde hindu...hanye satu agama jer...ko bley trime ker?!think wisely k...jgn hanya pndai ckp tapi isinye kosong...


memang DEVIL lar kamu ini...

cakap berela-ela, tapi tidak masuk akal...

saya tidak pernah kata agama yang yang terbaik atau terburuk.. semua agama mengajar kearah yang baik..

bila masa saya pernah menyatakan umat islam kesemuanya tidak mengikut ajaranya???


Malaysia ini bukan negara Islam, ini kerana hampir 40% penduduknya adalah bukan Islam...



eN. tEddY said...

Malaysia bukan negara Islam!!
itu satu hakikat...
untuk devil mozart sila kaji balik apa tu daulah Islamiyah!!jangan main cakap ajer...buang perasaan racist kau tu..
Memang Malaysia sebuah negara sekular...
tetapi bagi umat islam wajib ke atasnya menuntut sebuah negara Islam....

rujuk sini

tambahan kita adalah majoriti...tapi adakah ajaran islam tu menjadi way of life majority muslim??

soal islam bukan agama paksaan...
Vasant..saya rasa anda tidak layak mempertikaikan "Laa Iqraa ha fiddin" (tiada paksaan dalam beragama)..cuba bezakan tegahan dan paksaan ... dalam islam ada ibadat wajib dan sunat...yang wajib buat kena buat kalau x buat itu ditegah..tetapi ibadat sunat tu bukan paksaan,tak buat pun x mengapa...

berkaitan dengan posting anda pasal etnik india (bangsa malaysia) tu.dah lama saya baca baru sekarang saya nak komen..itu cuma masalah teknikal yang disebabkan dasar sekular Malaysia..semuanya berasaskan sijil..walhal islam tu bukannya di atas kertas...sekali engkau mengucap maka engkau kenalah redha dengan semua yang ditetapkan islam termasuk redha dengan hukum hudud...masalah besar sekarang org islam pun x faham islam...inikan org yang x paham islam pun nak masuk islam....

wallahu allam

mr. happy


saya tidak pernah mengatakan bahawa Islam itu paksa.. tetapi saya hanya menyatakan segelintir umat Islam di Malaysia suka memaksa