Nov 10, 2010

Do We Need to Spend More Than RM1 Million to Promote Our Tourism?

Once again, the people have been cheated by the government. Tourism minster Ng Yen Yen spent more than RM1 Million for only several months by travelling around the world. People money spent lavishly by such leader, in fact government are cutting allowances of the government servant to spend for their own travel. This is the government that Malaysians voted for in the previous election? What a shame! Read here- Yen Yen defends her 'lavish' travel costs and here- Yen Yen's travel bills hit RM3.25mil

A source from Malaysiakini news portal written that Yen Yen has been on 16 visits overseas, these visits include 26 countries and 61 cities up to October 2010. Do we need such visits to promote our nation? Don’t you think it’s wasteful? She has come under siege by opposition MPs demanding answers over her widely publicised trips abroad during the current sitting of the Dewan Rakyat.

Several MPs have been quizzing Yen Yen on the details of her trips, particularly to New Zealand and Australia which had cost RM245,000. She hand-delivered her written reply in parliament, accounting for all her trips to date this year. This revealed that she had attended six international forums and seven 'missions' across the globe. She used at the high cost of RM491, 987 to a seven-day mission to Europe from May 25-31, in fact, with a similar trip to Europe covering four cities over 10 days which only cost about RM300, 000 according to a source.

I hope tourism ministry carefully handle this big sum of money, they should upgrade the tourism related infrastructures and sites instead of wasteful overseas trips. How can we know conclude that the increase in the tourism ranking is the result to Yen Yen's travels and not due to other factors? The government cutting cost on education and several other important sectors saying that they have no money and people’s subsidies have to be withdrawn, so when the people are suffering, the government have not shown any sign of saving people’s money. Sigh! This is the government that you have voted for?

More than RM1 Million taxpayer’s money spent for Yen Yen, yet more than 60 cities around the world travelled by Yen Yen, but no one can question her since she is a part of the federal government. Furthermore, the opposition lack of opportunity to spread the cheats and corruptions of the government. Let’s save Malaysia for our future generations!



Azam said...

Rich Malaysia, poor Malaysians!

Mike said...

Crazy to think that a tourism minister should be at their desk trying to promote tourist. what a joke, and yet Anwar has travelled " At his own expense " to more countries in the world for what ? condemn Malaysia. This kind of negates the tourism's minister's efforts.